Nature in interior spaces: this is the new trend

In big cities, there is a lack of green spaces, something that builders and interior designers are aware of. thus, Offices and homes are integrated into their interiors where nature is the protagonist.

Started business and individuals alike Interested in what is called biodesign. One of the trends that is gaining more and more strength in the world of architecture and interior design.

but, What is this kind of design? The term “biophilia” comes from the Greek and is “the love of living things”. Biodynamic design relies on incorporating elements of nature into urban or interior spaces to evoke them. The goal is Connecting humans with nature to improve well-being.

Although it is thriving now, it is not a new trend: “In the 1960s and 1980s, this type of architecture and interior design was carried out,” says Paco García, landscape director.

Landscapers is a global landscape and interior design studio, specializing in plant engineering and based in Marbella. Biophilia was popularized in the 1980s by biologist Edward O. Wilson, when he explored how urbanization was beginning to foster a powerful disconnect from nature.

Garcia explains, “We decided to bet on this and We started with vertical gardening hence the business model.. Our goal is to create nature anywhere. When you come home and get your little nook where you can change the slide. This is what we want, we improve your life by connecting you with nature, ”he emphasizes. Landscape architecture works in Malaga and Madrid. Among its clients are large multinational companies such as Lego, Orange or Roches.

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In Malaga, the company has developed a total of nine projects in offices in MalagaAlthough most of them focus on decorating the exterior of luxury villas in Marbella and Estepona. “The profile we are targeting is a premium client who is willing to pay for these designs,” says the Landscapers manager. Although millennials, individuals and the retail sector are also becoming interested in this type of design.

How are these designs?

to create biophilic spaces, Incorporate natural elements into the construction, such as plants or water.

Among the designs He explains that Lanscapers are natural plant growers: “We are the exclusive distributors of the patented WallGreen system. Also, maintenance-free vertical gardens: “We specialize in implementing green walls with freeze-dried plants. Freeze-dried plants do not need light, do not water, and do not need pruning, because they do not grow.

In addition to the so-called green desks, green tables, hanging plants, green ceilings or green walls, among other things. Regarding their maintenance, García asserts that “natural vertical gardening is much easier, because the plants don’t die.” It is also important not to place these designs in front of the air conditioner and humidity.It must not be less than 30 percent or more than 70 percent.


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This kind of insider It has a psychological and emotional impact on users:It improves the sense of being in a place, like when you go to the countryside and find a real disconnect,” says García. He adds that “there are studies that show that an employee feels comfortable when there are hipster designs. These types of spaces are 6% more productive and 15% more creative. “

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This model had a turning point after the pandemic: “It is something related to the quality of life. Millennials are paying more attention to the privileges and spaces that the company gives them. You’ll always prefer a design like this over a cold, empty desk.”

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