Naomi Watts is the champion of menopause

Since 2000 each October 18 is World Menopause Day.. This was agreed between the International Society of Menopause (SIM) and the World Health Organization (WHO) on the idea of ​​raising awareness of the need to pay attention to women’s health and to prevent the most common diseases at this stage. According to the World Health Organization, there will be more than 25 years A billion women aged 50 and over (Three times more than in 1990).

In addition to this international body now Naomi WattsOne of Hollywood’s most famous artists, join the cause Speaking openly about menopause, criticizing the film industry for ignoring women over 40 and even launching her own health and beauty line focused on this female audience. They are called stripes.

The British actress, who turned 54 last month, is not only the star of the latest Netflix series, vigilanceit is also Success on Instagram with his videos that teach menopausea period in her life in which she now finds herself and in which, unlike other women victims of a culture still ashamed of human nature, the film star feels “Very proud”.

The actress who made her film debut with Mulholland Road (2001) and who joined Juan Antonio Bayona in the impossible (2012) Lately he was honest about Mail about him early menopauseBecause he got it before she was 40 (something that affects only 1 in 100 women). “Does the word menopause scare you?” starts writing it. why is that? It’s just a normal phase of life, plus something that will affect half the population directly and the other half indirectly, “I think it’s time to represent women at this stage of life or in this age group well. We’ve been neglected in the media and stories And the marketing for a long time (…). Let us overcome stigma, deal with the secrecy and shame we have felt, and help create a healthier foundation for future generations. Growing old is a privilege and a time when we feel proud of our accumulated experiences, to feel strong…”.

boring taboos

The Teenage mother Sasha (15 years old) and Kai (13 years old)Besides her husband, he is also an actor Liev Schreiberfor some time now in a private struggle for End this old taboo. The translator thinks it’s time to eliminate all those stigmas about the end of the reproductive cycle, something Watts explained that affected her mother.

“My mother always told me about it Feeling of disappearance that she suffered when she stopped having children. This is not true: We women are still here, we can continue to stand out. Ultimately, we want women to feel in control of their time and life, and receive it with enthusiasm and pride,” the actress said in a recent interview with the magazine. us weekly.

Hollywood masculinity

In the same conversation, he had no worries Hollywood criticism How has he historically dealt with actresses?

When Naomi Watts got her amazing role in Mulholland RoadBy David Lynch He was 33 years old, and he was already Almost an old lady In the eyes of Hollywood. “They told me, ‘You’d better do a lot of things because it all ends at the age of forty, when you become not good [sic]. How? What does that mean exactly? Then I thought: Oh, sure. When you stop having children, when these organs stop working, and you are no longer aroused. That’s what made me so angry.”

Twenty-one years after Watts was nominated twice for Academy Awards and dozens of awards, Watts was proven wrong for those who thought “it’s over at 40”. It is determined to combat the prejudices that women have due to something as natural as aging.

Along the same lines, the actress (and co-founder of ONDA Beauty) also launched a menopausal wellness brand, Stripes, which by chance started appearing on October 18Just in time for World Menopause Day. They are face creams, serums and body oils as well as gels, intimate moisturizers and vitamin supplements.

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