Naked Family: We try to send a message of hope to those who are alone or lost

“Welcome to the family.” This is how you receive social networks Naked family For those who delve deeper into their mix of folk, funk and psychedelia, as this is a band that transcends the musical group to become a broader concept, a great musical family where everyone is welcome as long as they bring melody and good energy. After his self-published debut album in 2019, Naked family They are now preparing to release their next album, which will be released at the end of this year. Although they have not revealed the name yet, they have launched some developments in this new phase, such as Funky Bus also Cartagenawhere, specifically, they will be playing on Friday.

Despite the fact that they are a Madrid-based group, there are some bonds that unite them in the region…

That’s right, our singer Antonio Chass is from Cartagena. And we also have some “Martian” ones…

There are seven musicians, how did their paths cross to form Naked Family?

Random things. In the course of recovery points we met half. The other half in catechism.

Their debut album cover is a group photo that appears to be a reference to Sergeant Peppers. Who do we see in that picture? Because that picture?

For the cover, we gathered all the people who were involved in our lives and in the birth of our first album. But the cover’s initial inspiration comes more from Devendra Banhart’s Cripple crow. Accordingly, we invited our friends, sisters, mothers, uncles, some musicians, and Pepe, a man who was walking in the El Escorial jungle.

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Their name suggests that the Naked Family is more than a group, so are they too close?

Yes, but well, despite the fact that we are united as a family and live as brothers … Come to think of it, it is quite unlikely that we could coexist in this world divided by duality, unknowability and impenetrability. “No one ever knows each other,” Goya said, in his Caprichos, referring to the fact that no matter how close we are, we really are separated by nautical miles. Unity is equal to love.

The first song of this first album really seems to lay out the underpinnings: Reunion, Pt. 1 sounds like an invitation to get together, a family reunion about music, is that your philosophy?

Reunion, Part 1 is a song celebrating love and life. We try to convey with her a message of hope and unity when one is lonely or lost.

They play in several genres, unusual instruments, in several languages… Where does this explosive mixture come from?

From cosmic Macedonia.

With this particular mix, do you struggle to find references and influences?

No, fortunately you never stop learning and every day is a discovery. Some of our recent influences are bands like King Gizzard, Andy Shauf, Gentle Giant, Sybellious, Reverend Gary Davis, Aldous Harding, Immature Possession…beloved Angel of the Hill

You commented that your second album will be out by the end of the year, what can you tell me about this new chapter? Is there no more specific date yet?

We just finished recording the album. As for the date, we suspect it will come out at the entrance of fall. We’ve already recorded a video and want to continue pampering the album and everything music is about. We are now going to find his name. Any suggestions?

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So I need more details… What will that second album sound like?

Cosmic Macedonia.

Looks like Cosmic Macedonia would be a good title… Have you already signed it up, or is it still a work in progress?

We can say we have 89.33%, very warm indeed.

On this new album, Inigo Pregel, from Los Estantes, produced for you. What did he contribute to the songs?

Inigo is great. We’ve been partnering with him for over a year since we recorded Cartagena, and last summer we had great fun going up into the mountains of his hometown, Lanestosa (Cantabria), to Iñigo’s friend Estrope’s cabin, where we recorded a two-song album. He also took us to the best pub in Suanzes, Sanpas, where we had countless breakfasts in the morning of delicious mixed sandwiches with fries.

You’ve also worked with Brian Hunt, what role did he play?

Another great Brian, and indeed another in Cantabria. We are very fond of Brian, we recorded with him in the old studio El Invernadero in Madrid our first collaboration, Belly of the whale, with Adriana Proenza. He mixed it up, and a few months later he mixed another song for Us, Funky Bus.

What did you prepare for the concert at Espacio Alviento? Will there be any songs from this new album that haven’t released yet?

We really want to go back to Cartagena, especially on the night of Friday of Sorrows, when boiling begins and Holy Week is celebrated there. We’re going to be playing a lot of new songs, and definitely some of the songs we like from the ones we play at our concerts. And just a theme in honor of the city …

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Indeed: Cartagena, which is full of winks and good vibes, which they published last year. Nervous about playing it for the first time in town?

Zero nerves. Instead, a tremendous emotion to finally be able to share directly with all the people of Cartagena, including family and friends. It will be a great party.

They are restless musicians. In addition to all of the above, for the “Naked Jams” that they do from time to time in Sala Vesta in Madrid. What does it consist of?

We’ve been with them for a year and a half now. We do it every Wednesday. The truth is that they are always great parties, very spontaneous, in which chaos and fun reign. We are so grateful to have this space.

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Also, they usually invite other musicians and bands to these events, so is this how a family grows?

We are fortunate to have great musician friends who accompany us every evening, in fact, we would also like to have a different band or artist as a special guest at each concert, to play a mini-concert. But at the moment there are no pregnancies … [Risas].

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