Nadal Award | Manuel Vilas wins Nadal 2023 with a tale of death and mourning

Just over three years ago in 2019, Manuel Villas (Barbastro, 1962) He already amazed everyone by declaring himself planet final – Together with Cercas, another surprise – with the novel “Alegría”, which followed the path of his best-selling novel “Ordesa”. Now Aragon continues to climb the editorial ranks within the group, which welcomed him with open arms after leaving Penguin Random House to win Nadal’s award.the second prize in terms of financial importance after Planet Stratosphere. This new edition of the award, No. 79, resumed the old tradition of a gala dinner at the Palace Hotel, which had been replaced in the years of the pandemic by a presentation at the press conference and increased the endowment to 30,000 euros.

Therefore, the old normal life to introduce the new winners: Vilas, nothing needing an introduction, with his novel ‘weWith regard to Josep Pla, The other prize, this one in Catalan, also awarded at the Three Kings Gala, went to her invitation No. 55 for the novel. Gemma Ventura Farry, cultural journalist for the digital magazine “Catorze”, where he took his first narrative steps, although “La llei de l’hivern” is his first novel. Among those present, in addition to several authors associated with Planeta and the winner of last year’s edition, Inés Martín Rodrigo, the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colao. Culture Minister Natalia Garriga, First Deputy Mayor Jaume Colboni and Culture Minister Jordi Marti.

Absence processing

The theme of death and loss, and how to manage mourning, could be the common denominator of both novels. In the case of Vilas, who gave her novel under the pseudonym Emily Watson and with the title “La Inamura,” the narrative follows Irene, a woman of our time facing the death of her husband, to whom she believed she was married. In the world ‘da del viento’, the way the protagonist refuses to turn the page after such a loss While taking a trip along the Spanish Mediterranean coast It’s the lore of the story. It has an unusual way of dealing with absences based on recalls and memories to reconstruct something similar to life with the deceased.

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The fear that Vilas—who in addition to being a storyteller had a long career as a poet—confessed last summer shortly after his sixty, embodied in the publication of his poetry anthology ‘Una sola vida’, now appears to be in complete control, at least as far as with the craft of writing. This book was preceded by two others, “Rome”, in which Barbastro continued to explore confessional literature which gave him such good recognition and “kisses” The story is set in the first months of confinement which, like “we”, falls into the realm of pure fantasy. Like “kisses” too An unusual love storyNadal’s winning work explores the sphere of feelings and is also on this occasion in a more radical way an exploration of loneliness. “This award is the fulfillment of a dream, a prize that is part of the literature of this country, built by authors such as Carmen Laforet or Martin Gaete, Sanchez Virlusio, Miguel Delibes, who joined us beautiful,” Villas said upon receiving the award. Prize pleased.

Vilas’ association with Nadal also has other implications. In 2020, a few days after the official announcement of the pandemic, his writing partner Anna Merino also won this awardWhich is why the rare circumstance that the couple got along with happened. Something that provides distance with a sense of humor, just within reach for Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem regarding the Oscars.

Josep sans lyric

Gemma Ventura Give thanks to “Winter Law”, which he conceals under the title “Quan obri els ulls apareixerà” and the pseudonym Laura Vallclara, a text full of lyricism to which his readers are already accustomed in his articles in the magazine “Catorze”, a medium in which he also cultivates a lengthy personal interview. Also in this novel, as in Vilas, The theme of death and loss is central to the plot When applying to A girl dedicated to taking care of her grandfather In an invented rural setting while unleashing your memory and imagination to build a story. The novel meticulously explores how those who are no longer with us can still be with us thanks to these stories, born from our needs to serve as comfort.

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A primary school teacher and music teacher in Terrassa, an unrepentant traveler, Ventura today in her thirties did not think of pursuing a career as a journalist until she met the founder of the “Cators”, writer Eva Baker, on a “stage” in Liverpool, and he encouraged her to take part in his magazine.

Like Nadal, Pla this year too Her endowment increased from 6,000 to 10,000 euros. Although the winner in this case was a novel, the award rules are open to all kinds of genres, including non-fiction specimens such as memoirs, newspapers, or newspaper reports.

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