Mysterious Lighting fixtures In The Sky Puzzle Citizens In Punjab Town

Citizens described seeing a string of shiny, white lighting fixtures.


A line of shiny lighting fixtures darting throughout the night time sky in Punjab’s Pathankot left citizens puzzled on Friday night time.

The phenomenon seemed within the sky for a couple of mins in a while prior to 7 pm.

“We noticed the fast-moving object with shiny lighting fixtures, like a educate. It appeared identical to a educate at a distance. The sunshine was once very shiny and white. It was once the primary time we noticed one thing like this. We noticed it for 5 complete mins, and then it vanished,” stated one resident.

The unidentified object additionally sparked chatter on Twitter.

Previous this 12 months, mysterious rows of shiny blinking lighting fixtures gliding around the sky have been sighted in Gujarat’s Junagadh and the encompassing area.

At the moment, professionals had advised that the lighting fixtures seemed to had been satellites passing thru a low earth orbit.

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