Musical Success | Shakira and Bizarab rock Jimmy Fallon’s show after singing Session 53 for the first time

fashion artists Shakira and Bizarab make history withBZRP Music Sessions Vol. 53“, which breaks records after reaching the top of the charts like no other so far. The Colombian artist attended” The Tonight Show “with Jimmy Fallon, from NBC, with Bizarrap, where the performance was received with great ovation by the audience in the program and during his intervention with the presenter of the program More details about the song have been revealed.

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According to Shakira, the “53rd BZRP Music Session” was essential after her breakup with ex Azulgrana Gerard Piqué, but also, in her opinion, very helpful for the unknowns. “It’s a hymn to so many women. A lot of women know what I’ve been through,” the singer explained to Jimmy Fallon.

Barranquillara acted in front of her children. In fact, he did not hesitate to entrust her to Much of the credit goes to his eldest son Milan, a fan of Bizarrap music. So much so that his manager asked him to meet an Argentine DJ, composer and producer. “Tell me that I had to work with Bizarrap because We were going to be number one“, the singer admitted. Even, on Bizarrap’s side, the opportunity to collaborate with the Colombian was also brewing to continue in the field of success after her work with Quevedo.” I knew it was time to introduce myself with her,” he said.

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