music | TikTok Music, a new candidate to dominate music streaming: This is the new threat to Spotify

Services sector streaming music About to turn around. TikTok social network has launched its own music streaming and download platform: Tik Tok music. In this way, a new competitor is presented to giants like Spotify, Apple Music also Tideswho have so far shared the listening cake and “schemes” among themselves.

The separation of the social network of Chinese origin as new mass phenomenon Completely transformed optics of artists and record labels, who now face a large portion of their repertoire with creation ‘trends’ also viral videosYour new tools promotion.

Pricing and features

For now, this new app is only available on Brazil also Indonesiatwo of its largest markets, although everything points to that the first show In other countries, the wait will not take long. At the moment, starting prices are on Subscription For this new service that has licenses from the three “the grand” From the music industry (Universal, Sony and Warner), from 3.49 And 3.25 dollar In the above countries, respectively.

From TikTok, beyond the purely musical aspects, they highlight personality “social” for your new product, where playlists can be created cooperative Or search for other users using tastes Similar musicals. If TikTok has focused on something since launching its music app in the Brazilian and Indonesian market, it is possible communicate service to a TikTok user profile to boost the ‘power of discover musicYou can connect directly to your TikTok ‘for you’! Listen to your favorite full viral song and discover more trending songs! They announce at the expense of the Asian country.

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Other functions integrated into this new music library will be a karaoke modewhich will allow users to sing the lyrics to the songs they are listening to, or a system equivalent to Shazam, “Song catch” To search for songs by recording their voice.

Market expansion

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TikTok’s adventures in the music market date back to March last year, when in 2016 the company launched its own song distribution platform, The sound is on. With this tool, the parent company of perseverance He gave artists a direct medium commitment to to leading music streaming services to upload their products. Of course, the multinational company agrees to pay an amount the total affiliate rights musicians and releases them from any contract exclusivity.

Now, TikTok goes one step further in expansion In this sector, where he debuted with an application similar to TikTok Music, Reso. However, this “app” will cease to be available in September to grant satisfaction The new product offers its users, yes, a possibility transformation their profiles from one platform to another.

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