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On August 3, 1973 Bravo boy I would have been 29 years old And he would celebrate it with a whole summer tour, which would boost him one of singers in spanish Most famous from all over the world.

Perhaps that day the Valencia musician was just blowing out the candles on a cake at the end of one of the many concerts he had begun scheduling last spring, when he asked his musicians to take the opportunity to be with their girlfriends and wives “because after that you might not be able to spend much time with them.” “.

In the same year, Nino planned to introduce it Fifth The album, for which he had already recorded such amazing songs as “America, America”, is dedicated to the continent he already idolized and to which he planned to travel in 1974.

Also planned Offers by several European countries where the English and German versions of their greatest hits are featured; And even in Japan, where he was invited to sing as a guest performer at the Yamaha Music Festival in Tokyo, Eurovision of the East.

In 1973, Nino planned his fifth album and performed in Europe, America and even Japan.

Between commitment and commitment, and between travels, Nino probably had time to listen to demos of young Valencian artists whose career he wanted to promote through his record company Brani, and to finalize the design of that mod disco he wanted to set. in Valencia, whose motifs were inspired by the stories of his favorite writer, Jules Verne.

Yes, 1973 was a great summer, artistically and personally Luis Manuel Ferry López, or Manolito, as some of his close friends called him. His wife Marie was to give birth to her second daughter probably in November, a younger sister to the younger Maria Amparo.

And he may have even taken a break to enjoy his family in his brand-new apartment on Bachiller Street in Valencia, the one he bought at the beginning of 1972, the year in which songs like Libre, Noelia, or A Kiss and a Flower’ really turned him into a pop music idol.

At 12:15 p.m., a member of Humo phoned Suco: “I’m in Madrid. Nino is dead.”

The last kisses

None of this happened because On April 16, 1973, she drove a BMW 2800 driven by Nino Bravowith his friend Pepe Juesas as co-pilot and with two young musicians named Miguel Ciaurriz and Fernando Romero in the back seat, Exit N-III Highway at Villarrubio Peakin the province of Cuenca. They did not have even a hundred kilometers left to get to Madrid, where the singer planned to start working as a producer for Homo’s debut album, the duet consisting of these two children who accompanied him on his last journey.

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As Valencia artist biographer Dario Ledesma recalls in his book Nino Bravo: The Voice and the Heart, the four occupants of a BMW left Valencia at 07:30 on that Monday in April 50 years ago now. Little Maria Amparo was asleep in her bed when Nino kissed her goodbye On the cheek. He promised his wife Marie that he would call her when he reached Madrid.

Death in the ambulance

At 9:15 a.m., the singer and his companions stopped at the Sol Hotel, in Motila, for breakfast, and resumed their walk shortly after. At 10:30 a.m., upon arrival in Villarrubio, Nino’s BMW left the road, probably after Your driver’s fault. Miguel and Fernando barely suffered a few scrapes and managed to get out of the car with their feet. Pepe was seriously injured and had to be removed from the front of the wrecked car because the blows to his back and neck left him semi-paralyzed.

but The worst part was by Nino. After being rescued from inside the car by other drivers who had witnessed the accident, he was taken by private car to the Monjas de la Caridad de Tarancón Clinic. There they did not have the necessary medical instruments to attend Serious injuries from which the artist suffered, as he was taken by ambulance to Ciudad Sanitaria Francisco Franco in Madrid.

Next to him was Fernando, a homo singer, in whose arms Nino died at about 12 o’clock the ambulance passed Fuenteduena del Tajo. Upon arrival at the hospital, the doctors could only establish the death of the “Libre” translator. The last words that Nino could say to Fernando before his death, according to Ledesma, were: “Call Suco, call Suco.”

The arrival of the news

An hour ago, at 11 am on Monday, in Valencia, Vicente Moya Suco, former leader of Suco and the Scorpions and at that time Nino’s man for everything, was suddenly woke up to her mother. Agustín Garcia, the president of the artist’s fan club, called him by phone to ask him to come urgently to Barani’s offices. Fernando had just called to report that Nino had an accident on his way to Madrid. When at 12:15 PM the Humo member called the singer’s offices again, Sawako’s body went cold.

Soko… I’m Fernando… I’m in Madrid… Nino… Nino… He’s dead!

Soko was in charge Bringing the tragic news to the family as a child. In the autobiography, Ledesma says he did it through the artist’s son-in-law, Mano Martinez. “I had to go to Nino’s house, where my sister Marie, two months pregnant, was accompanied by Nino’s mother, Mrs. Consuelo. When they saw me come in through the door … I think only by seeing my face … that everyone imagines what the scenario was like Sad and difficult For the whole family”, Manu still remembers him many years later.

global impact

At 1:00 p.m., the death of Nino Bravo was already known among his family and friends in Valencia and It didn’t take long for it to hit the radio stations. From all over Spain – and later from America – first in the form of a rumor (“Nino gets hurt”, “a famous Spanish singer has died”) and finally as the worst news.

“I remember I came home from a party, and Jesús Marinas was on the phone,” said singer Cristina, Nino Bravo’s partner on the Spanish TV show “Passport to Dublin.” bags. Nino Bravo was killed“”.

At 3:00 pm, thousands of viewers followed the news from Televisión Española and were shocked by the sudden announcement of presenter Pedro Macia: “Valencia singer Nino Bravo died this morning in a traffic accident near Tarancon, when he was going to Madrid to do some recordings.” On the same Holy Monday in 1973, 13 more people left their lives on Spanish roads, like a Valencian singer.

The last flight

At 10:00 pm a flight from Valencia lands in Barajas with Manu and Soko traveling. Nino Bravo’s son-in-law and representative went directly to the Forensic Anatomical Institute to examine the body. In Valencia, Ledesma says, His family wept uncontrollably. Señor Manolo, the singer’s father, helplessly raised his hands to his head and asked what he had done to receive the worst punishment a father could be subjected to: burying his son. “If she hadn’t been so Catholic, my mother wouldn’t have been able to stand it What are you carrying,” Consuelo Ferri, the sister of the deceased, recalled later.

It was not until 3:00 in the afternoon of the next day, April 17, when the funeral van carrying Nino Bravo’s body left Madrid in the direction of Valencia General Cemetery. After the truck, Manu, Suco, and the Humo duo members, who still remember years later, return in another vehicle. signs of affection which moved to them in the towns through which the funeral procession passed.

kiss and flower

already in valencia, More than two thousand people waited beside Municipal cemetery To greet the singer for the last time. The police had to cordon off the access path to the church to facilitate the passage of the coffin and avoid crowds. Many of his fans spent the night there so that they could attend the massive funeral for the fallen idol the next day, which it is estimated that more than 10,000 people took part.

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“After Mass, when the doors of the church were opened to remove the coffin, the crowd again turned physically to carry the body of Nino Bravo,” he collected the proceedings of the newspaper Levante-EMV, affiliated with the Prensa Ibérica group, which was published the next day. The municipal police – she continued – saw themselves in many moments Unable to contain the large crowd who gathered at the cemetery. Armed police forces had to intervene to avoid calamities and order the removal of the body.

At 11 a.m. on April 18, the coffin containing the body was deposited at Place No. 80 of the 7th Right Section of the Valencia Municipal Cemetery. Before, says Dario Ledesma, Mary got as close to the coffin as she could and kissed it several times.. Nino’s wife and sister Consuelo also deposited Flower on the coffin lid Before the cemetery worker permanently closed his place. There was the body of Luis Manuel Ferry López and the legend Nino Bravo was born there.

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