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More than two years after it became MadrileñoAnd C. Tangana stopped Definitely looking back for the first time in his career. Always ambitious in researching how to develop his career, the artist quietly made a new move, though this time towards what is known. Tangana returns to rapthe style in which he became a strong authority, baptized first as generous As a member of the Agorazein group, they were the promoters of a movement that later permeated everything that ended the urban music label.

Pucho, the nickname of Antón Álvarez (32), returns to territory he is familiar with new song (Strait / Alvarado), which will be published this midnight. It does so as a self-homage to the launch’s fifth anniversary Aveda dollar mixtapethe function that boosted him at the top that brought together legendary subjects such as Still rap (Produced by Steve Lane) Or Crying in the mud (with glory). “Making money forever,” he says now, though he always bragged about knowing how to increase his checking account. in the song rain danceone out of 10 of Aveda dollarsHe said: Making money is an art.

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C. Tangana remained reticent once the welcome round was over without singing or tuning, Where he gave a majestic show fed by that precious journey through Spanish and Latin folklore called The man from Madrid. Pucho’s next musical move was unknown While he seemed to show more interest in other businesses, such as cinema (he debuted as an actor in… One year, one night), his audiovisual production company or his clothing company, Late Checkout.

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Change the text in the supposed musical The man from Madrid He didn’t bury his rap music at all. In fact, on his latest tour, with a big band, he opened a remixed version of the aforementioned Still rap And that seemed too yellow. Does rap music end at the age of 30? This newspaper asked Si Tangana two years ago. He replied, “Rap is all about youth, but Jay-Z has done some things worth noting. You have to be really good at doing that. There’s something youthful about rap that draws me a lot. As I mature, I become less attracted to each other.” And here it is Strait / Alvarado Birthday celebration Aveda dollars.

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