Music in Madrid | Sebastian Yatra will perform with Chinese pianist Lang Lang in concert in Madrid

Colombian singer and composer Sebastian Yatra confirmed, on Monday via social media, that he will accompany Chinese pianist Lang Lang in the concert called Disney book which he will present in Madrid on July 3.

Yatra indicated that it would “be a dream” to accompany Lang Lang in the Disney book to perform the song “Dos Uruguetas” together, from the movie “Incanto” (Disney, 2021), at the National Auditorium in Madrid, in concert. Where they will participate various guest artists.

His music company’s public relations agency said in a statement that Yatra had received from Lang Lang, one of the most prominent media personalities in classical music, a “very special invitation” via Instagram and Facebook.

Both artists have already performed this song on the recording of The Disney Book album.

The concert will also feature singer and pianist Gina Ellis, who is of German-Korean parents. Master Erhu (Chinese two-stringed violin) Guo Gan, Spanish jazz singer Zenit and Spanish guitarist Rafael Aguirre.

Yatra also performed “Dos oruguitas” at the 2022 Oscars, a song for which he was nominated for Best Original Song.

Aimed at audiences of all ages, the concert will be “an emotional musical journey in which Lang Lang recreates some of the most memorable songs from Disney’s most popular films,” including “Snow White,” “Enchanted” and “Beauty and the Beast.” “,” Pinocchio “and” Frozen “.

The tour for this album, published by Lang Lang with Deutsche Grammophon in 2022, has been performed at the Hollywood Bowl with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and at London’s Royal Albert Hall with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

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Versions of songs have been adapted by some of the best arrangers in the world such as Stephen Hogg, Natalie Tenenbaum or Randy Kerber.

Yatra is one of the most important exponents of Spanish pop music worldwide, with multi-platinum sales. His song “Tacones Rojos” was number one on Spanish radio, “garnering more than 1 billion listeners and accumulating 62 weeks on the charts,” according to the company.

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