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life and death Jose Manuel Beman It can give, at least, two obituaries: one in the culture section dedicated to Young pioneer Rock and Roll Music who triumphed on the Valencia music scene in the 1960s, and another in economics (or even in politics or the courts) over Valencia Rubbed elbows with the main financiers of United State And that he did business with world leaders such as Carlos Slim or Felipe Gonzalez.

Music magazine EFE EME reported this week on Last Saturday, the death of Tito Peman, the founder of the music duo blue pants. The story of the local rock star barely lasts three years but is of particular importance in the history of Spanish folk music.

Titus, Victor, Bruno, Elvis

Born in Valencia in 1942 and the son of a petrochemical engineer, Peyman met Victor Ortiz (later, the singer of Los Huracanes) at a party in the late 1950s, and in 1960 they both founded The Blue Jeans, a name that would end up castellanized as Los Pantalones Azules.

After winning at the SEU Vocal Ensemble held in Barcelona, ​​The Blue Jeans signed the label Discophon which He changed their name and released his first EP, an album whose title track includes a song composed by José Maria Beman himself, “Cosa Buena”, recorded with orchestral accompaniment (the same song usually used by Los Milos). This song was accompanied by “Mess of blues” ( . version Elvis Presley) “Jezebel” (Frankie Lane version), and “Paella Nina,” a rock and roll composed by Jose Maria.

Soon it became The Blue Pants One of the main bands of the rock and roll scene in Valencia, entering into direct competition with Los Milos by Bruno Lomas. Parties in Valencia were held in places such as the Teatro Apolo, Casa de los Obreros or the Teatro Principal, where Milongueras (ie fans of Los Milos) and Pantaloneras (followers of Tito and Victor) were.

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Los Pantalones Azules’ second EP no longer includes any of his songs but it does exist The jewels of the first Spanish rock and roll such as Dixieland Rock, another version of the Elvis song played in El Barrio Contra Mí (King Creole, 1958); Hi Mary Lou. “Daniela”, a song by French Les Chaucet Noires, led by Johnny Hallyday at the time), and “Johnny B Good” by Chuck Berry, which was translated into Spanish and dubbed “Johnny C. Bean”.

From Ibiza to the United States

The Blue Pants lasts only three years. Victor had to do his military service and Tito went to Ibiza with a troupe he didn’t have much doubt since he was on the island He met an American girl who went with her to the United States This changed his life forever.

According to El País in an article published in 1987 marking Peyman’s arrival at the head of the Third American Bank, the Valencian rocker settled in the United States at the age of 19 “to master his English” but decided to stay and graduate in Politics and Economics from Trinity College. After receiving a fellowship Woodrow Wilson Honorary and Francis Dupont Fellow of the University of Virginia, Peyman received his MA in Public Administration and Comparative Politics two years later.In 1974 he was already Assistant Professor of Politics at the University of Virginia At the College of William and Mary.

At the same time, the former rocker got his start in business consulting, a career that opened the doors for him at Chase Manhattan Bank. In this bank, he held several positions such as the head of the Chase branch in Caracas, the vice-president of the entity in New York and since 1983 responsible for the activities of Spain and Portugal. Finally, in 1985, Pemán . was named CEO with Ultimate responsibility for all Bank activities in EuropeMiddle East and Africa.

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Pemán continued to be associated with financial activities during the following years. For example, in 2010, he joined the former Prime Minister, Felipe Gonzalez, to pose a venture capital fund Which includes investors such as Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. According to an article in El Confidencial from 2011, in addition to participating in fundraising, “Tito” Pemán will be responsible for selecting investments.

Real estate companies and the national court

The The relationship of the financier Beyman with the former head of the socialist government It dates back to the end of the 1990s and relates to the look of businessman José Luis García Cerecida who was his wife for years, Mar García Vaquero, González’s current partner. According to an article in El Confidencial, García Cereceda Pemán has been appointed vice president of the real estate agency Procisa, a subsidiary of the Lugarce Group (Luis García Cereceda) from which he has controlled more than 100 hectares of land in Pozuelo de Alarcón. He was also appointed as an advisor to the Parque de Somosaguas, The developer who developed the luxury development and business complex known as La Finca.

These real estate operations in northwest Madrid in the mid-1990s made García Cereceda and the rest of the project’s partners millionaires. However, Beeman’s first big blow as an investor came in 1997, after Chase left Manhattan, with the sale of the business bank he had created to operate in Russia to UBS.

Biman’s work in the real estate sector led him to be so Investigated in 2016 by the National Supreme Court In what is known as “the city operation” for crimes against the public treasury and money laundering. Actors Emmanuel Arias and Anna Duatu, among others, have also been investigated in the process.

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All these economic activities did not prevent Jose Manuel, one way or another, from maintaining relations with his former colleagues from the Valencian rock generation. For example, in 2014, Tito Peman met his longtime partner from Los Pantalones Azuls, Victor Ortiz, to participate in a conference on 1960s music organized in La Nau de la Universitat de Valencia. Already in 2008 he again participated with Ortiz in a meeting of old rock musicians organized by Lluís Miquel Campos. According to two members of The Blue Pants, they haven’t seen each other for 40 years.

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