Music Festivals | Facua denounces music festivals that deny access to food and drink

Secretary General L.N Rubén Sanchez, Facua-Consumer in Action, on Friday filed a raft of complaints against music festivals, all over Spain, To prevent attendees from accessing food and drink from outside.

Sanchez has made clear the claims that Facua has made this year against the organizers of music festivals and concerts that “It has been decided to place restrictions on the right of acceptance which we understand to be illegal& rdquo;. He added that those present are forced to eat and drink in places “at very exorbitant prices.”


Among the organizers who were denounced, it was mentioned Or Son do Camino from Santiago de Compostelawhich he corrected after overriding the condition and removing the constraint, then Gandhi’s Pirate Beach Festivalto Interstellar and Iconic Festivalboth of them in Sevilleto organizers Antelope’s party and l bombastic, that occurred in Rivas FaciaMadrid, Gran Canaria and soon Llanera, Fuengirola and Alicante.

In 2022, more than two dozen events have been denounced by the association. “Not allowing consumers access to food or drink is an illegal practiceThe right of admission is for security reasons and not to try to increase the company’s profits, ”the Secretary General of FACUA emphasized.

Illegal practices and inadequate measures

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The nonprofit also warned of a new, more recent practice: Block free exit from the event venue if you wish to re-enter, To prevent consumers from eating out or coming home to eat or drink. Sanchez noted that it “seems to us to limit the cycle of wrongdoing”, as well as saying that the big problem is that local organizations “never work, although some of them do indeed implement measures that, as a result of the demands we have made, are very soft”. “We don’t think it’s acceptable that, in the event of an event winning, being fined 30,000 euros with food and drink consumed within, being fined 3,000.” For the association, these penalties are far from a deterrent “and could rather be a burden in exchange for this illegal being committed”.

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appeal to consumers

Rubén Sanchez warned users that they can demand financial compensation to the organizers for damages you have caused or contact the association to be able to claim responsibilities. In addition, she emphasized that the law, in Article 82 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, dated November 16, states that “all those conditions that were not negotiated individually, and all those practices that were not expressly agreed to, Contrary to the exigencies of good faith, to the detriment of the consumer and the user, a significant imbalance of the rights and obligations of the parties arising from the contract is caused.

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