music | Coldplay fuels the rise of streaming concerts

We’ve been hearing for a while “Direct charm” is irreplaceable And that nothing can rival the passion of a live concert on site, with the crowd roaring, preparing for the unexpected and, perhaps, the floor of a wonderful sticky beer. But there are more and more evidence that qualifies such a statement, and one has only to consider 150 cinemas from all over Spain broadcast on Saturday one of Coldplay’s concerts these days at River Plate Stadiumin Buenos Aires.

a Big jump in fluctuations flow Live music app? There were other notes: the 120 theaters that premiered last March Displays From the group The King of K-Pop BTS. Both the British and the Koreans gave their concert live to the whole world, although the Coldplay concert in Europe, due to the time difference, required another format, live late. But cinema isn’t the only way: Amazon, with its new Amazon Music Live channel, is planning events like, last week, Kendrick Lamar’s Paris party in your living room.

simultaneous experience

Everything points to the fact that there is something that can compete with attending a concert: attending that concert from anywhere else. Prefer to live. there, The pandemic hurry change. “This outage led to artists and the industry starting to look for alternatives” says David Loskos, general manager of IMB International Music Business School. in Live the experience in the same moment in a simultaneous way. This is the key “.

Coldplay sold all tickets for his world tour, including the four concerts at Barcelona’s Olympic Stadium (May 2023), but “nevertheless, many people were left without seats,” Luskos continues. Then, the . file flow “Give alternative and cheaper solutions, preserving the charm, and, accordingly, rdquor;. Because you’re taking part in an event that’s taking place at that exact moment, and from a privileged point of view, with cutting-edge productions and getting to the corners definitely impossible when you’re going to a traditional concert and sitting in your neighborhood.

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green diary

for my authors live the lifeAnd the The flow Nourishes the sustainable ensemble’s aura, betting on a way to reach the public does not pass through the airport. The British are presented as a leading group in introducing the Green Agenda on a dynamic stadium tour. It may sound strange, but concrete switches are in the works: promoting roadways, the use of batteries powered by recycled oils, kinetic floors that convert generic hops into power and mldr; There, the remotely consumable concert represents another layer in their narrative for cutting CO2 emissions.

We’re talking, in the case of Coldplay and BTS, about a file format event cinemaThis raises the interest of the cinema sector, which suffers from a decline in the number of viewers. These are lively events, bringing together ardent fans, wanting to make party-watching a communal rite, Sources of Reason from Warner, Coldplay Records Company. “It’s fun for the band and cinemas& rdquo;.

Regardless of the promoter

The Live event around the world By Chris Martin & Company Negotiated by Group Director with international film distributor, Trafalgar, experienced in the classic field: he runs broadcasts from the British Royal Opera House. This is a delegate, in Spain, to Digital Version, a Valencia-based company. All this without the Live Nation party promoter getting involved in the process, which remains on the sidelines.

This Saturday’s two Coldplay concert passes across Spain drew about 16,000 spectators (they paid between €12.50 and €15.40). A third of the 150 cinemas were in Catalonia, “where there is a long musical tradition, many well-equipped theaters, and the spectator usually responds very well”, notes Maria Cazorla, of the digital version, which highlights the advantages of remote and real-time viewing. “It’s never the same as going to the concert, but it’s better in some ways: With Coldplay, 25 cameras were used, and you can see how Chris Martin’s neck vein swells when he sings “.

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parallel, the flow It is advancing on another path, the path of digital platforms, which replaces the collective event in the cinema with joy in the living room. rapper party VIP Kendrick Lamar at the Accor Arena in Paris, captured by 19 cameras, was a turning point: Amazon streamed the live stream not only on his Twitch account, but on the brand-new Amazon Music Live channel, which has already launched and on November 4th offers the Displays Written by Texas star Megan Thay Stallion (4:55 a.m. CST).

With or without the audience

At the Accor Arena, there were 20,000 people, and the connection was to participate in a teamwork. But not everything is said there: other artists choose to perform flow concerts designed for this format, No audience or with small halls. The case of Nick Keefe, playing the piano in the empty Victorian bowl at Alexandra Palace, London, or Dua Lipa with her performance Studio 2054the floating fantasy that has summoned guests like Elton John and Angèle.

Amazon is setting up a concert channel on it flow It is very important. It may be the first step for other platforms to follow this path, David Luskos estimates. A Netflix Music Live? The use and opportunity of this type of product depends on each artist: the menu can be reserved for moments such as the beginning of the tour, for Make the fans salivate and want to come to the party more. “Therefore, the artist must be absolutely sure that what he presents is very good” Loscos slides, who sees meaning in flow as an experience flash, caught on the go, not so much as an archive. “The blessing is that it is offered in a limited time. It cannot become a catalog.”

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double chain

The traditional concert remains the fulcrum from which the entire series takes off. And more than that, your organization is highlighted as an excellent product, with a profile star system subject to inflated ticket prices (and packet exclusive, golden circle and the like), and may advance by compensationCucumber flow Suitable for all pockets.

For concert promoters, the usual live show is indispensable, but they admit that other windows open. I see it as a supplement rather than a substituteAnd the Nacho Cordoba points out, big promoter From Live Nation Spain. “The magic of life, feeling the same feeling around you, is hard for me flowbut it’s valid so people can see their favorite artist if they don’t have tickets.

But, as sports programs tell us so You don’t have to be at the scene to enjoy the showMusic trains and develops formulas to take advantage of its capital. In an effort to do so, two decades after the record crash began precisely because of the advent of the digital paradigm, technology is more of an ally than a source of anguish.

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