Murcia, the protagonist of the argument between Shakira and Pique for a Twingo advertisement in a shopping mall

the BZRP Music Sessions #53 It premiered on January 11, and since then, the chain reaction has not stopped: on the one hand, from the main characters; On the other hand, from participating brands.

So both Shakira and Pique They profited from their breakup And the dangerous song of the Colombian, the Business They were not left behind Especially those mentioned in the topic lyrics.

Casio, Twingo, Rolex and Ferrari They were the obvious protagonists of the famous former partner’s controversy and especially the first two took the opportunity to capitalize on a fortuitous allusion at the most successful premiere in music history.

for his part, Casio has shipped watches to everyone streamers who participated in live football while Piquet himself appeared in the Kings League riding the electric model of a Renault.

A merchant from Murcia pioneered the adaptation of an advertisement to a Shakira song

But long before these reactions, they already existed A company with a groundbreaking vision to capitalize on song withdrawals: Marcus, the merchant who cashed in on controversy. To install a Renault Twingo advertisement in the Thader Shopping Center in Murcia.

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The article has spread to develop arguments for changing “Ferrari to Twingo”, including this one last “much longer than two out of 22”, A dashboard that’s ‘clearly understood, not like your songs’, an engine that ‘won’t ever let you down’ even though ‘your ex already did’, CO2 emissions ‘much closer to zero than ‘zero Renko’ and what It goes from 0 to 100 “in more time than your marriage lasted.”

the witty campaign copywhich expressed Shakira’s song lyrics with Twingo characteristics earned him become One of the sources of controversy and its spread on various social networks Like Twitter, Tik Tok or Instagram.

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