Murad after “exile” from his neighborhood: “I will not be the happiest person who wants to see me imprisoned.”

Murat is calm and sad, and at this hour, hundreds of kilometers from La Florida (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat), the neighborhood in which he grew up. Now, a judge prevented him from skipping part of it. The rapper was released Thursday after being arrested on Wednesday on charges of causing public disorder. It took place in the Blox area of ​​Florida on October 20. EL PERIÓDICO, from the Prensa Ibérica Collection, talks with the artist from L’Hospitalet hours after her “exile”.

Q: How are you?

R. Very sad, really. They have taken half of my heart, removed my desire to compose music, removed my desire for everything.

Q: What happened on the night of October 20?

A: It has been a long time since I went to the block yard, and that day I went to greet the children. I greeted them, he was with them for a while, we laughed, and after a while, a six-car appeared. Everyone ran away and I stayed because I had nothing to hide. They identified only me and asked why. I told them: “You already know me, you already know who I am.” The way the customers act was so cocky we started arguing. Within seconds, I was surrounded by 16 clients. Meanwhile, people began to gather and protest because they did not like to be identified. I left. Then there were quarrels but I wasn’t there, I didn’t provoke anyone, and I shouldn’t provoke anyone. There was bickering the whole time in that neighborhood every time something happened. I don’t blame the bickering that happens.

P. The police say you told the agents you would pay “one thousand euros” to those who burned the containers.

R. The only thing I said was that if they kept trying to scare me, people wouldn’t like it. For if they see a boy who is out of trouble, who succeeds in music, who does well, who takes care of the neighborhood, who has happy children … They see that they mistreat him and think: “Because I will change if Murad changes and that does not help him.” And people get upset, as in any other neighborhood.

Q: Are you a captain in Florida?

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R. Created by the media. I am not a leader. I have many friends who are not singers but they are much more than me. Not because I’m a singer, I should be anyone’s boss. They are people looking for their work, they are working. My situation is easier and I am no one’s leader. I can’t say “stop” to my neighborhood, they won’t listen to me. People think it’s because I’ve come a long way in music, but people say the deviation is because Murad sings.

Q: Has your neighborhood changed?

R. When I was younger, there was much more delinquency in children than there is now. Now, half of the kids are playing soccer and the other half is trying to be a singer. Years ago this was not the case. We didn’t have the resources to pay us for football. I’m a normal kid.

Q: Do you think this example helps?

A: The example you gave helped the entire country, not just my neighborhood. You can ask the record label heads and they’ll tell you that I opened a path for kids to sing about their experiences and do well in music.

Q: How do you take action that prevents you from entering Florida blocks?

R. It hurts me, and the things that happen to me have never hurt me. I’m a little boy who wants to be happy and I’m enjoying the moment. But it is something that bothers me. Certainly some policeman will be delighted when he reads this. But it hurts me so much. It’s not that they took me out of the neighborhood, it’s that they took Florida from me. I couldn’t set foot in Florida when I managed to get adidas to wear all of the Florida teams. And now I can’t even go to a children’s game.

Q: How long have you not set foot in your neighborhood?

a. Five days. But because I have five parties in a row. When I have a spare I come back to the neighborhood. There are so many things I don’t say so as not to sound arrogant. But I went for many days to help the families because I appreciate it and I don’t forget anyone.

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Q: Do you consider yourself a good ambassador?

R. No, I’m not a good ambassador for the neighborhood. There are good people in the neighborhood, workers, who can be good ambassadors for the neighborhood. The people who fight for their families, who get up at six in the morning, who are more of a role model than me. I’m still a kid. People who criticize me at 40… They would have to look young too, if they were mature when they were young. I know I have a lot to learn. I do things that certainly wouldn’t be right, but I don’t treat myself like a drug dealer and I can’t get into my neighborhood. I’m the first to pay taxes and who doesn’t like burning containers.

Q: You say you are still a child. With everything that has happened to you in music, has it given you time to mature?

R. I don’t appreciate what I am, but just because I live normally, I don’t like living in a movie. I like to go down to make coffee, go to the neighborhood, and say hello to regular people. My work is easy: problems are always given to me. I don’t like being outside, I don’t like traveling, I like being here, my music comes from here, my videos come from here and in.

s. Some neighbors refer to you as a disturbance in the yard. What do you say to them?

R. This now I’m gone. That’s it, I can’t login anymore. I can’t stop for anything, I have nothing to do with it.

P. Why did you go to live abroad?

R. I grew up in blocks but never lived in blocks. It’s my neighborhood because I stopped there, even though I lived a few streets away.

P. And you are not thinking of going to live far away, abroad?

A: No, never, never. This will end one day and I will be back. I will not enter, in life it will occur to me to enter with this procedure, because then it will give them the pleasure of clients who want to see me imprisoned. I don’t make mistakes, I try to prove real.

Q: But are you not tired of clashes with the police?

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R. I am a person who is not dedicated to committing a crime, I work and above all help the neighborhood. If I see with my own eyes something I don’t like, I will stop it. If I see a child stealing from a lady, I will stop him. My values ​​taught me that. Asking for documentation is the most natural thing in the world, but ask me without contempt and without abuse.

Q: What do you think of people who consider you a criminal?

R. They are the people who do not listen to me. Fans will tell you, “Criminal? Si Murad makes a lot of money from music. Delinquency can call for many other things. If they think it’s because they don’t like me or they don’t like my music. If you follow me for a month you’ll see that I don’t cheat.”

Q: Are you afraid that you will end up in prison?

R. I can’t be afraid of something I don’t do. If I didn’t do something wrong, why should I be afraid of being locked up? I would be afraid if I were a thief and I was afraid of getting caught. but me? What do I do to end up in prison? sing? Coming down beside me? Sit with the kids? I can’t be afraid of something I don’t do.

P. Do you consider that you have contributed to the pacification of the neighborhood?

A: A lady named Nuria Marin, the mayor, should take care of this. Our project was never supported. He never sat down with me trying to do something for the neighborhood. Everything I do for the neighborhood I do on my own. You cannot request permits from the City Council because they are against me. And all because I put on Instagram that she is accused of corruption. I put it down because I felt offended as a citizen of L’Hospitalet. But I’m not the mayor.

Q: Did you like them to sit with you?

R. Of course, we will have no problem. They can help us do things around the neighborhood.

P. So, do you see that as possible now?

A: No, I am not a hypocrite. Fortunately now if a project comes out I have the money to do it.

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