Movistar share increase | Notice to Movistar customers: This will be the hike in almost all of its prices from January 13th

As reported by the company itself Movistarnext one Jan 13th Customers will suffer an increase in the price of their mobile phones, fiber and television.

The Prices that customers will have to face from January It is already posted on the official website of the telecommunications company. They themselves have begun to send messages to their customers, to confirm that their activity is being affected by the general increase in costs that all sectors are experiencing.

The company claims that inflation that hit the world in 2022 can not be contained Since then to maintain quality of service. This increase will affect Almost all your packagessince only some of the basic channels and the cheapest mobile lines and prepaid lines remain the same.

They raise between one and six euros a month

in the case of the product my Movistar, Fiber and mobile prices start to cost Another three to six euros. in this way, My Movistar Max – 300 Mbps fiber and mobile with 30 GB – rising from 54.90 to 57.90 € per month; Mi Movistar Unlimited -1000 Mbps fiber and unlimited gigabytes – increases from 69.90 to 74.90 € per month; s miMovistar x2 Unlimited -1000 Mbps fiber and 2 mobile lines with unlimited GB – rising from €84.90 to €90.90 per month.

Based on the TelevisionPackages will go up between one and two euros per month. This way they rise Movistar + Essential (from 10 to 11 euros), packages Cinema (from 10 to 11), imagination (from 15 to 16), sports (from 18 to 19), Champions (from 20 to 21 euros), Fantasy with Netflix (25-26), LaLiga (30-32), All the football (From 43 to 45).

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customers who have them mobile phone contract, The L contract rate -8 GB + unlimited calls remain unchanged at 14.95 € per month, while XL contract -30 GB + Unlimited Calls – 1 euro extra (from 24.95 to 25.95) and infinite contract – GB + unlimited calls – an increase of 2 euros (from 39.95 to 41.95).

Finally, the fiber rates, Which includes fiber optics and landline telephones, will suffer a hike of between one and three euros. So the fibre 100 MB One euro becomes more expensive (from 29.90 to 30.90), while from 300 MB Increases by two (from 38 to 40). On the other hand, three euros of fiber increases by 600MB (from 44 to 47) and 1GB (from 50 to 53).

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