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At the gates of heaven

when they land New York Coming from Spain, the leading couple upon entry They do not imagine that soon after, without leaving the airport, their lives will change forever. and 74 minutes of footage done by the directors Alexander Rojas And Juan Sebastian Vasquez They use to elaborate that premise is a flawless exercise in a steady increase in dramatic tension. It is impossible to take your eyes off the screen even for a second.

“Come with me, please.”Someone says upon arrival. They are directed to the waiting room, and then further into the bowels of the building. The man and the woman, played by Alberto Amann and Bruna Cosi, understand nothing. They are interviewed separately, and asked about issues such as their reasons Moving to the United States or how often they have sex; The detectives use increasingly powerful methods to provoke and manipulate each other…and we discover that the couple’s circumstances are more complex than we first assumed.

As you watch them, the film works extraordinarily as a claustrophobic thriller, but also as a resounding indictment of the movie. US immigration system And a frankly terrifying reflection on the ease with which those in positions of power allow themselves to abuse their power and on the secrets lurking even in those people we think we know all about. – Nando’s advance


Managers: Alejandro Rojas and Juan Sebastian Vasquez

distribution: Alberto Amann, Bruna Kosi, Laura Gomez, Ben Temple

the first show: June 16, 2023

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Oblivion, flowers and memory

A little over a year ago the actress Carmen Elias He announced that he had Alzheimer’s disease. The title of one of the novels of the last Nobel Prize for Literature, Annie Ernault I didn’t leave my nightAnd they are the last words written by his mother before she was diagnosed with the dreaded disease that erases memory. She lived the experience. To speak literary or cinematic from Alzheimer’s disease It long ago ceased to be a taboo, but tackling it over a few pages or a screen requires a certain tact and understanding, just like experiencing the disease through those who suffer from it.

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Also Japanese novelist – and a hit in his own country – Genki Kawamura made his directorial debut with his own novel adaptation based on his grandmother, who was affected by seven years’ dementia. The film’s precious motif emerges from the 100 flowers that gave it its title: According to the writer, director, and grandson, as the film reflects, hundreds of flowers become spaces for that memory that is increasingly fragmented and diluted, flowers that recall voids. and places occupied by women.

Although there are moments of dramatic intensity, The film is characterized by restrainta stage between the elegant and sophisticated and the same containment of the interpreters, with Miko Harada – the hero of some of Akira Kurosawa’s latest films – as the focus of everything in the story. – Kim Casas

hundred flowers

exit Genki Kawamura

Performers: Miku Harada, Masaaki Suda, Masami Nagasawa

release date: June 16, 2023

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The city Wes Anderson imagined

One of the recurring things in Wes Anderson cinema is the idea of ​​representation, which in many cases has been coined as a matryoshka: the perfect world, encapsulated in the real world. Hence the tent in the hall (Tenenbaums), children’s show in Moonrise at Kingdon (2012) and Steve Zissou’s Fish in the Cup (aquatic life). in Asteroid Cityand goes further This idea of ​​acting turns into the heart of the story.

In a sophisticated and refined manner, his film alternates on two planes. On the other hand, television (in black and white) broadcast the process of preparing and writing the play. On the other hand, in color, the representation of the work itself. Or rather, the staging, in a desert city, of thoughts and emotions that flow and Collide in a work setting It has as much to do with the script as it does with the fragility of the parties involved (from the screenwriter to the actors who will interpret it).

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In a beautiful ode to the imagination and to those who make it, the filmmaker transforms this conflict between vanity, insecurity, and flashes of intelligence into an extraordinary tapestry of human (and not just human) characters and relationships in a metropolis. Asteroid City. And there she does her magic. Here are all the good things about Anderson at a more mature stage, with renewed ideas: amazing stageunusual for these times a love of careful layout, color and detail, a wonderful sense of humour, a defense of the musical moment and an ability to go on creating scenes and images to remember. – Desiree Fass

“asteroid city”

exit: Wes Anderson

Performers: Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Jason Schwartzman, Margot Robbie, Jeffrey Wright, Tilda Swinton

release date: June 16, 2023

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for two and a half hours, flash Do Constant nods to other DC Universe novels It includes an entire multiverse—yes, another multiverse—of guest superheroes. Such is his interest in celebrating fan erudition that, at times, it ceases to be a movie to become a zany private joke. Along the way, the titular hero travels back in time to try and save his parents from tragedy, only to find himself trapped in an alternate universe as a result. He’s a selfish, reckless, and harmful man, so it’s hard to look at him not to take into account the history of personal and legal troubles that the actor responsible for playing him, Ezra Miller – to play two versions of him, in fact – has faced in recent times.

Meanwhile, the film deals with so many characters and plot twists that, despite its narrative pacing, it doesn’t have time to explore its core issues—fate, the meaning of heroism—or understand the Flash’s actions and motivations, or let the rest of the characters become little more than nostalgic peddlers. to the past or pawns in action sequences that, yes, director Andy Muschietti orchestrates with great creativity and visual precision. He is flash The greatest superhero movie ever made, as some of those who first thought of it have claimed? Maybe in another world. – Nando’s advance

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exit: Andy Muschietti

Performers: Ron Livingston, Ezra Miller, Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton, Kiersey Clemons

release date: June 16, 2023

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Burnin’ Barnacles’ fourth film (Nando Martinez and Juan Fernandez) Less low cost from its predecessors, Search for MeritxellAnd Ikea 2 And The Queen of the Lizards, although the third already had a little more production. It also has more standard shots, as others barely reach 60 minutes. But greater economic investment and competition among established interpreters (Luis Tosar, Ana Castillo, Roberto Alamo and Bruna Cozzi are already in La Reina de los Lizards) has not changed his style one iota: The starting point Golem’s cool condition It is that a young man falls from the balcony of his friend’s housein the middle of an alcoholic binge, and totally breaking up, which is no stranger to anyone but the boyfriend in question.

The film blends musical and theatrical genres with other references, chief among them the Hebrew legend of the golem, the clay figure that comes to life to protect the Jews according to medieval folklore, the protagonist of many expressive cinematic summits. Martínez and Fernández have created a file A light plot from which they build something similar to some Fixed pieces Silly humor — the film starring Ana Castillo, for example — following a thriller that leads to a certain aesthetic and humorous study of human stupidity on the margins of post-humor. – Kim Casas

“Great Golem State”

exit: Barnacle burn

Performers: Bryce Ivey, Bruna Cozzi, Luis Tosar, Ana Castillo, Javier Petit, Roger Koma, Nao Albit, Roberto Alamo

release date: June 16, 2023

& starf; & starf; & starf;

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