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Alleged Femicide in Mexico

The Femicide in Latin America It has been a historically silent, uncomfortable, taboo subject, but in recent years several writers and directors have taken up the issue to denounce the seemingly endless scourge that highlights the isolation of women in a violent patriarchal environment where patriarchal culture constitutes a system of terror. In literature we find modern examples, such as those of the Argentine Dolores Reyes (eat dirt) or Almada Forest (dead girls) In the cinema last year, director Tatiana Hizu signed the overwhelming majority night of fire, takes place in a rural environment dominated by the mafia and cartels where mothers abandon their daughters as boys so that they will not be kidnapped. Currently, Natalia Berstein adheres to this line of condemnation in a very educational and raw manner Noisea film that follows in the footsteps (almost in a detective way) of a woman who did not give up her daughter, who disappeared without a trace without the authorities doing anything to find her.

Beristin plunges into the sewers of the system that allows these crimes and common cry of anger. For this reason, this journey into horror is shocking and at the same time irrefutable from a human and collective point of view when it comes to shedding light on these atrocities. CHIM HOUSES


Tabuk: Natalia Berstein

Translators: Giulietta Egurola, Teresa Ruiz

year: 2022

the first show: November 9 (Netflix)

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Business that enhanced prestige Rodrigo Soroguin God forgive usAnd the The kingdom, Riot Control EquipmentThey had an urban environment, and what happens in a big city has had a commendable impact on the characters’ experiences. the mother He escaped from the heart of the city, but the dramatic tension in this movie was different from the tension in the aforementioned titles. bestas It is indeed a straightforward country film, set in a small town in Galicia, with tensions, without belonging to excitementa paroxysmal violence similar to the violence addressed by the director appears in his proposals within this genre.

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One possible form of bestas he is straw dogsSam Peckinpa’s movie that reproduces the relationship between a married couple From outsideComing from an urban core, it maintains the population of a small rural community. The sexual tension underlying Susan George’s character in Bikenpa’s has no place in Soroguin’s, which is much more concerned with exploring roots and cultural differences: a French couple (Marina Vaux and Denis Menouche) collide with a neighboring family led by something similar to a village teacher (Louis Zahira), who leads The conflict turns into a human conflict in which Sorogoyen’s varying visual strengths prevail over some of the weak aspects of the text. Predictable things happen, but their success and interest bestas It’s in how they portray each other and how stifling tension can be generated without resorting to a single stroke of influence. CHIM HOUSES

“as bestas”

Tabuk: Rodrigo Soroguin

Translators: Marina Foa, Denis Menochet, Louis Zahira, Diego Anedo, and Marie Colombe.

the first show: November 11, 2022

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Empowerment and Defense

yes Chadwick BosemanThe actor who played Black Panther in several Marvel movies, wouldn’t have died in 2020, when he was getting ready Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverWe’re going to talk about a completely different movie. The disappearance of the actor led to a radical change in approach by producer Kevin Feige, and the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this way, devoid of the iconic male character – it was decided not to replace him with another actor or resort to digital technologies to reproduce Boseman – the film increases the role of women to the point of empowerment.

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It is a complete claim, as this should not be forgotten Black Panther He was the first major black character to appear in Marvel. To transcend feminist and African ideology, her rival Namur, the deep-sea superhero, is not Atlantic, as in the original comics, but rather comes from Central America. Although soon toned down, the political rhetoric is very clear: two oppressed cultures, African and Maya, compete/allied to combat the colonial ruin of the West and struggle for vibraniumThe sturdy metal from which the Black Panther suit and Captain America’s shield are made. Fairly long, somewhat discursive, but calculated and thoughtful in his concept of ground-level superhero cinema, more dramatic than epic. CHIM HOUSES

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Tabuk: Ryan Coogler

Translators: Letitia Wright, Tenoch Huerta, Angela Bassett

the first show: November 11, 2022

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How do you survive an attack?also

The attacks in Paris are now a part of our collective memory, just as those perpetrated in Madrid or Barcelona, ​​and fairy tales are beginning to emerge that try to reflect the wounds, still fresh, that these acts of violence and terror aimed at us. the society. in One year one nightBased on the experience of a Bataclan survivor and now a French director, Isaki Lakista reflects on the shock. Alice Winokour It does something similar in Paris memoriesAlbeit from a different visual (and emotional) perspective. The protagonist is Mia (Virgin EviraWho would see the little world of safety whose life seemed to fall apart after she got out (physically) unscathed from an attack on brasserie. From that moment on, his previous identity will be broken and We will immerse ourselves in a process of internal search in which the mental reconstruction of facts is of fundamental importance, So is the need to share the pain with other victims.

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Can Paris memories Not as compact, nor as clever in structure as One year one nightbut has the advantage of putting in the images, in a very transparent and sympathetic way, a disgusting experience that becomes, in a very sensitive and human way, a restorative testimony. Beatriz Martinez

Paris memories

Tabuk: Alice Winokour

Translators: Virginie Evira, Benoit Magimel, Grégoire Colin, Maya Sansa, Amadou Mbo, Nastia Golubeva, Emma Zampa

year: 2022

the first show: November 11, 2022

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The Dardenne Brothers, in its purest form

In what is undoubtedly his best movie since then boy on bike (2011) Brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne They once again portray young characters affected by the violence of the world and, as in so many of their previous films, they recount vividly and powerfully what awaits immigrants who arrive in Europe to find themselves trapped in its darkest corners. specific, Tori and Lukita He watches a teenage Benin girl living in a foster home in Liege with an 11-year-old Cameroonian boy dying as his brother, whose hopes for a better life are dashed by unruly bureaucrats, drug dealers, and modernist sex offenders. Today’s dealers who chase them.

When tracing their characters’ journey, Darden is loyal to His usual natural way They again display splendid narrative brevity, resort to omissions and off-screen shots with attention to revealing seemingly simple gestures and actions yet capable of generating great dramatic tension. the result is A heart-wrenching frank tale of suffering and injusticewhose pessimism does not come from disease or voyeurism but from a wholly justified sense of death.

Tori and Lukita

Tabuk: Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne

Translators: oely Mbundu, Pablo Schils, Alban Ukaj and Tijmen Govaerts

the first show: November 11, 2022

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