Movie Review of the Week: “Godliness,” “The Substitute,” “The Dunn,” “Emily,” and “The Holy Spider”

A subversive and imaginative tale of dictatorship and freedom

Eduardo Casanova showed with his debut, skins, that we were in front of a rare bird inside the Spanish cinema. A director capable of daring to do different things, such as creating a personal, non-transferable universe between the grotesque and the naive, without fear of infringement, disturbance or experimentation.

It could have ended there, in Kamikaze’s debut, but his second feature film confirms that no, there’s still a lot to dig into. The deeply imaginative and subversive boss of Eduardo Casanova.

Mercy Focuses on a single story (as opposed to what happened in skins, of a more choral and partial nature): the relationship between mother and child and the toxicity that is generated between them to the point of becoming a disease. She (the totemic and impressionable ngela Molina) is called Libertad, and that is exactly what she denies her son Mateo (a wonderful young Manel Lunel, turned almost copy of the director himself) to the point of turning his life into a prison, in a suffocating and sinister place pulsating with disease and madness.

Casanova at that moment tracks a fatal, daring double spin Close to Ol Julio Medium cinema: that comparing matriarchal dictatorship with North Korean totalitarianism to talk about oppression and subjugated feelings, almost miraculously, the metaphor works, because this is what the director’s cinema looks like, with a deep and bold freedom, and only through these two virtues is a true cinematic manifestation achieved.

Mercy It’s a harrowing tale, an allegorical talebut also an ode to plastic imagination where images, colors, textures and artistic composition work hand in hand with a great soundtrack. A symphony that pulls, displaces, fascinates and disturbs all at the same time. Beatrice Martinez


direction: Edward Casanova

Performers: Angela Molina, Manel Lunel, Ana Polvorosa, Maria Leon, Antonio Duran, Macarena Gomez, Daniel Freire, Sonja Park, Alberto Joe Lee

the first show: January 13, 2023

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On paper, the director’s sixth feature film Diego Lerman It is another variation on the story of A Committed teacher They end up in a lumpy school and a classroom full of teens with tough lives, and that changes their lives overnight. Practically speaking, yes, it does not fall into more clichés than that which this premise represents in itself, nor into the artificiality, condescension and simplicity that plague titles such as Unforgettable lessons (1988) and serious minds (ninety-nine ninety-five).

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While observing the protagonist, a tight-fisted and somewhat loser man who manages to find a new meaning to his existence once he leaves his comfort zone to open up to a social and political environment that is not his own, Lerman points out social tensions faced by many students and teachers disadvantaged neighborhoodsdefends the importance of not seeing troublesome students as impossible and, with less conviction, muses on the purpose of literature.

while, alternative Perhaps life becomes too complicated at the plot level, and his incursions into the lands of excitement The Mafia is pretty fake, but it’s all offset by the attention to detail that is his marginalization image of Buenos Aires exhibitions, with the dramatic containment and general believability it displays while combining typical components of social cinema with plot elements and philosophical observations on a penetrating psychological study. – Nando’s advance


direction: Diego Lerman

Performers: Juan Minogen, Barbara Linney, Alfredo Castro, Renata Lerman

the first show: January 13, 2023

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Gore and Badass Entertainment

Since he started his career with Doug Soldiers And later with the cult movie The descent, Neil Marshall has always shown that he has a passion for the B-series and that he has a very particular concept of terror, so much so that his works are recognized at a glance. They are all very dark, have a touch of pasta and verbenaero and roar like steamboats. They are Pure rock and rollon the principle.

After his massive version of Hell (which almost everyone insisted on destroying despite its virtues), returns to the mud, to minimal budgets and stories on the verge of delirium with superheroes at war. here we are. Let’s imagine that the Russian invasion of Afghanistan had only one reason: the fall of an alien ship there and the Russians devoted themselves to experimenting on humans and Martians, and created a destructive race that, not knowing how to control it, imprisoned it. in the cellar. The action is now taking place in the war in Afghanistan, and as the British soldiers fight the Mujahideen, the monsters will awaken. Who is the real enemy now?

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What follows is just as crazy as its premise, and also just as entertaining, albeit Only suitable for fans of action and bad fantasy. Since everything is completely insane, the only thing left to do is let himself loose in that war-like space in which militarists, monsters, and Islamic fundamentalists merge and get mixed up with a good dose of Action, injustice And he laughedwhich is not so little. Beatrice Martinez


direction: Neil Marshall

Performers: Charlotte Kirk, Jonathan Howard, Jamie Bamber, Tangi Kipong, Leon Ockenden, Mark Streban, Hadi Khanjanpour

the first show: January 13, 2023

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A heroine among the storm

Until his death at the age of thirty and before writing one of the most important novels in Anglo-Saxon literature, Emily, Bronte She spent her life trapped in a stifling environment, frustrated by both the patriarchy and her sister, Charlotte, who is also a timeless writer. So it is clear in this Biography Which, in any case, does not pretend to be a faithful rehash of the biography of the protagonist, but maintains a loose relationship with her in order to present a version of the young woman who exudes the same passion and deep affection that she was. don’t breathe Wuthering Heights.

In her first appearance behind the camera, the actress also Frances O’Connor Bronte imagines many acts of rebellion and spicy romance while reflecting on the complex nature of sibling relationships, based on love but tinged with jealousy and rivalry. Get maximum articulation from both the meadows and hills from the indoors wrapped in Sad and grave atmosphere, traces the image of a woman who not only lives in that little world that she loves deeply and for which she is at the same time disturbed, but also uses it to fuel her imagination; And to top it off, it is strategically located in a The midpoint between the classicism of the narrative theme and the modernity of the aesthetic proposal Which shows how far ahead of her time Bronte was a woman.

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direction: Frances O’Connor

Performers: Emma Mackie, Oliver Jackson Cohen, Fionn Whitehead, Alexandra Dowling

the first show: January 13, 2023

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“Thriller” denouncing misogyny in Iran

Although his previous film, the border (2018), a very pleasant surprise, a criminal and romantic story starring trolls, the Danish-Iranian director Ali Abbasi did not try to replicate the formula that gave him such good results. in Holy spider He completely changes the record, without neglecting some criminal adventures, to show, from the point of view of a young journalist from Tehran, the hunt and arrest of a murderer who preys on prostitutes in the slums of Mashhad, an Iranian pilgrimage city.

But beyond the strict plot, devoid of surprise in classical terms, because after 20 minutes we know the identity of the criminal, Holy spider It is a rigorous analysis of the intolerant and moral violence in Iranian society, as a serial killer, imbued with a divine mind, continues to do the dirty work of the police and the well-thought-out, eliminating what they consider to be scum and their detention becomes sacrilege for certain classes of society.

The subtlety is revealed both when depicting the first murder and when portraying the killer’s daily life in the latter part of the film, delivering a powerful sermon about a particular social morality—regardless of the country—and the demagoguery that underlies it. The final sequence is terrifying, not because it’s violent or disturbing, far from it, but because it explains how A.J Criminal conscience is legitimized by the system itself: The Serpent’s Egg, the title chosen by Ingmar Bergman for his film about the germ of Nazism. – Kim Casas

“Holy Spider”

direction: Ali Abbasi

Performers: Tsar Amir Ibrahimi, Mehdi Bagestani, Arash Ashtiani

the first show: January 13, 2023

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