Movie Releases | “I Love You Madly”: A tribute to the LGTBI community, and a wake-up call

On June 25, 1978, LGTBI groups from all over Spain took to the streets to demand their rights and to protest against the Social Dangerous Law, which criminalized them. The march, which was organized to commemorate the pioneering demonstration of sexual freedom that took place in Barcelona a year ago, is seen as a Firstly Pride day from history of the country, and it is important to celebrate its importance “in this The times when there are those who seek the termination of all rights taken It is at this time that the director Alejandro Marín from Malaga, who opens his first feature film in theaters, says, “I love you madly.” We conceived it as a tribute, and then we could not have imagined that now, at the time of its premiere, it would also be a wake-up call against Submit to legitimacy far right and transplant Homophobic speeches in institutional politics & rdquo;.

The film is set, specifically, in Seville four and a half decades ago to recreate the Movimiento Homosexual de Acción Revolucionaria (MHAR), which organized and led the march in Andalusia. It focuses, yes, on the relationship between mother and son; She aspires to him to be a lawyer and a grown man, even though he already has the soul of a diva. “We decided to give her a global approachso that it can attract as many audiences as possible & rdquor;

MHAR was created in 1977 with the aim of fighting for the repeal of the Social Danger Act and amnesty for people imprisoned because of this rule, which considers those who have committed “homosexual acts” as delinquents liable to penalties such as admission to a re-education center, a ban on visiting public places or Random observation; thanks to efforts like yours, Homosexuality and transsexuality ceased to be a crime in 1979though they continued to be persecuted for the crime of public scandal until 1988. While taking the first steps of the movement, “I Love You Madly” depicts both institutional repression It is practiced by the police, the judiciary, and psychiatry as it is practiced on a daily basis in neighborhoods and neighboring communities.

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bright look

“During the documentation process, we listened to testimonies of people who had undergone ‘electric shock’ therapy, or who had suffered torture and rape in prison,” Marin recalls. Anyway, in general, the film adopts a luminous look, devoid of the massiveness that characterizes spaces with this bad habit, ingrained for years in the Spanish imagination, to portray the LGTBI community as mere victims or as parodies. “Instead of the bad things the group is going through, we wanted to Emphasizing the courage, strength and perseverance of those who make it up& rdquo;.

This celebratory attitude undoubtedly contributes just as much “I Just Want Love”, the song that Rigoberta Bandini He composed the soundtrack for the movie, such as being on the staff of artists associated with militancy who had never made films before, such as La Dani, Alex de la Croix, and Lola Buzón. “It seemed to me very important that the film presents an original queer image,” says the director from Malaga, “because I find the actors imitating the pen unbearable. The present gives a Exceptional originality and symbolic value& rdquo;.

One aspect that Marin tries to highlight about the fight for LGBT rights that the film recalls is “its intersectionality. It involved women’s rights advocates, labor movements, and even progressive pastors.” “It was an example of a kind of solidarity that currently seems impossible for us, because we live in… The state of permanent disagreement and confrontation. It is imperative that we unite to face whatever comes our way.”

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Censorship in culture

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The screening of “I Love You Madly” begins a few days after the city council of Bizana (Cantabria) censored the showing of “Lightyear” in a summer cinema because its footage includes a kiss between women, and Valdemorillo (Madrid) did the same with the staging of a theatrical production of Orlando, Virginia Woolf’s “trans” text; In both houses, PP and Vox govern in coalition. “What the right and the far right want is to scare people Convincing them that the traditional family is the only acceptable model for life, and that diversity and pluralism is a terrible thing, ”Marin regrets.

In this sense, it is no coincidence, he adds, that “I love you madly” coincides with the cultural agenda with other narratives about the marginalization that the LGTBI community has historically suffered, such as the series “Las noches de Tefía” and the play “Las Fe Swimming Pools”. Barceloneta”. “Rights that took decades to be contested are in jeopardy,” warns the director. Leader of the People’s Party, Alberto Núñez FigoHe made it clear he wanted to repeal the Transit Law.and see how Throw our flag in the trash. It’s a flag that represents people, so it actually looks like they’re throwing those people away. I don’t think it’s necessary to say what this kind of ideology reminds of.”

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