Most members of the Conservative Party believe that Truss should resign.

Most members of the Conservative Party, specifically 55% think Liz Truss should resign, According to a new survey by consultancy YouGov, which revealed that 38% want her to continue in her role as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party and 77% disapprove of government action, the highest number recorded in eleven years.

The results were announced on Tuesday, a day of tense calm in Westminster after on Monday the new chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, made it clear to parliamentarians in the House of Commons that the government had rolled back the tax cuts plan he announced in September. 23. The Prime Minister apologized to the public on Tuesday, saying, “I want to take responsibility and apologize for the mistakes that were made,” adding that they wanted to “help people with their energy bills” and “deal with the issue of high taxes, but we went too far and too quickly”.

Despite this error, in the ranks of the Conservative Party they continue to consider her departure, and when asked who should replace her, 32% of those surveyed said that Boris Johnson, While 23% said they preferred Rishi Sunak who lost the leadership battle. Moreover, 87% believe that the government is mismanaging the economy, and 60% expect Labor to win the next general election. But they confirmed from Downing Street that the cabinet was “fully supportive” of Truss and that at the meeting on Tuesday morning the ministers and the prime minister had an “active and in-depth discussion”.

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On the other hand, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change also published a survey on Britain’s exit from the European Union stating that more than two-thirds of voters, 70%, support a closer relationship with the European Union in the medium term. . The consultancy’s conclusions state that “the majority of Britons, 59%, believe that Great Britain’s exit from the European Union has deteriorated our economy, with 20% believing it made no difference and only 14% seeing improvement. .

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