More Sant Jordi in Barcelona than ever before: signatures with kilometer queues on a record day

a The tide of the authentic citizen Barcelona took since early morning. The flood of people filled with books and flowers has turned the streets of the center and neighborhoods into the party the city expected, after three years of pandemic restrictions and the storm of the previous edition. The crowds, as well as the joy and desire to celebrate, marked the beginning of the day when some of the more seasoned writers—who, like the youngest, had risen early to carry out the traditional book signing—got up as ” Best St. Jordi’s in years“.

The main stage of this bustle Saint Jordi 2023 It was the reissued literary “superilla”, which is already rehearsed in 2022. This year, the real center of writers’ companies and their crowd, has grown by 10% and expanded to include 154,000 square meters (space equal to 22 soccer fields). It also added 300 more book stands than last year and expanded its location to the Rambla and the lower part of Gran de Gracia Street. It is a record in St. Jordi.

Queues for signatures

From early morning queues began to circle around the literary stalls. The director of the movie was one of the characters who generated the most expectations around him Pedro AlmodovarAnd who arrived in St. Jordi with “The Last Dream,” a book that collects 12 stories he wrote at different times in his life.

“I am so excited,” said the man from La Mancha, full of glee, in front of this crowd that celebrates friendship and reading. Authors like Xavier BushAnd Dolores RedondoAnd Alice Kellin, Carlos Porta or group comedy The cassock Together with writers like María Barbal, Marta Orioles, and Enrique Villa Matas. also Javier Circas.

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From “presentation” to reflection

Likewise, before eleven in the morning there were already long lines to receive the TV signature Angel Martin And Sandra Barnida or the young poet Manu Irinawhile there were many children who wanted to be portrayed with a character like Stilton Geronimowhich today have left the pages of books in which the stars would have acquired human proportions.

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At other points, though equally Too crowded, invited to think Calm down for example, eDisplaysin the booth Florist Maria Ponsaby singer-songwriter Lydia Pujolwho broke the workLlum party’, at a time when ‘the system is trying to bring out the worst in us, when all we need to do is love and be loved.

It should be noted that, unlike in the past two years, on this occasion practically Masks are not seenalthough there are those who prefer to be farsighted in the face of today’s crowds.

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