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Padel will have an important Spanish flavor in the years to come. We may not have the equivalent of Rafael Nadal or Carlos Alcaraz, but many rackets and a lot of equipment are carried by the millions of fans of this sport in the world (about 18 million today and with a possibility of more than 100 million in 2030) in e-commerce and physical stores our paddle. The company opened Pioneering in Madrid This summer, 600 square meters was created in the central avenue of Maria de Molina, a showcase of the new stage the distributor is facing after becoming the largest shareholder of the Luxembourg Fund Argon 6 last July.

“We do not open any official process, we know the world of finance very well and We had more than 5 non-binding offers on the table to get in On the project,” comments the current CEO of the company, Íñigo Colomina, who highlights Ergon’s professionalism and the order of the entire previous operation. For his part, the Spanish investment fund Inveready is still associated with Pádel Nuestro. With this support, Colomina, who is the second shareholder after Ergon itself, unite strong transformation It has been developed in recent months with the entry of new board members such as current CEO Rafael Martinez – Avial (former CEO of Tiendanimal).

“It was a year of restructuring where we took some steps back, put an end to some bad practices on an image level, in order to grow in a healthy way,” admitted Colomina, who is anticipating a certain impact on the bills, and she nonetheless hopes that this process will end in the 55 million euros. Prudente, president of Pádel Nuestro, talks about revenue growth in recent months of more than 50% compared to 2021 and still heading into Christmas.

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In any case, the president of the company has his eyes set on the game he will play next year when he expects it Achieving sales between 80 and 85 million euros. By then, he hopes to run all the innovations being introduced in the online channel. “We are very focused on the best end-user experience,” Colomina noted.

Pádel Nuestro retained his best setback of 2023, after a year on the move. With this idea, her boss revealed to ABC, they’re working on several lines. The first is in the store model (“we have about 50 or 60 franchises,” he says) as they’re already preparing for new openings. “The goal is to open next year Between 6 and 7 special stores In Spain and abroad, in markets such as Italy, the United States (Miami) and possibly Belgium,” revealed the head of the distributor. It must be remembered that the turnover in Spain is now only about 50%, and somewhat less if only franchises are excluded. There is a possibility to grow internationally.

Madrid Show

But the great offer of the owner of brands like ‘Siux’ is in the flagship in Madrid. “Physical existence is very important because People want to touch the bulldozer and try itthe user gains experience and has physical contact”, explains Colomina who also highlighted that “filters” are increasing for the selection of future franchisees. As an anecdote in the creation of Maria de Molina, for a unique design, the presence of an area test area Where users can test ciphers. They also receive professional and influential players within the event organization.

“We are committed to more private stores, even small ones, because in this way we can control access to the core of the omnichannel: it doesn’t matter if you buy online, you can pick it up and return it in stores, for example,” he explained about the “take and collect” model. Which will be implemented in the middle of next year.

Colomina looks to the future with optimism, despite the complex economic context. In that sense, he said, they are already growing online in countries like United Kingdom, France and Germany. In addition, always with caution, check for other markets such as Oin the middle of laughter s Japan (where they have a joint venture with a local entrepreneur) already “exploding”.

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