MORE COMFORTABLE JOURNEYS: Get more clothes in your bag with these simple tricks

Often luggage It becomes a real headache. Many times it is necessary to carry a small one, either for added convenience or to avoid airport bills. Another alternative is backpacks which, if you know how to organize them, will give you enough space to carry what you need without going overboard with extra clothing. Although it seems that nothing can be done to get more space, there are alternatives, for example, the way to fold clothes, so that more things fit.

These are some of the tricks shared by a Tik Tok user to get as much space as possible by taking advantage of holes where nothing is normally saved:

roll up clothes: If you make hair curlers with each garment, they’ll be able to take up less space, plus they won’t wrinkle.

Use the belt wisely: You can place it in a rectangular fashion so that it surrounds the edge of the bag, or if you’re wearing a shirt that you don’t want to lose the shape of the collar, roll up the strap and tuck it inside.

Store cables in an organized way: You can use an eyeglasses case to prevent them from rolling around or messing up the bag.

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Put the shoes away: Use a shower cap or something similar where you put your shoes to keep them from getting on the rest of your clothes. In addition, you can put smaller accessories inside.


Tricks for making the perfect bag. I hope you find it useful 🌹

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If, however, you are one of those who wear a lot of clothes and still do not fit everything, there is another way to do it that has gone viral on social networks these weeks. Separate the clothes into long sleeves and short sleeves. Place two long-sleeved shirts facing each other, matching sleeves and neckline. Then do the same with blouses and jackets, which should be on top. Finish by putting on the shirts, first the long-sleeved shirts and then the short-sleeved shirts. To wear the pants, fold them over and tuck them in the middle. To tuck it in, tuck the ends of the pieces of clothing sandwiched between the pants in the middle. Once you get to the first piece of everything, close the sleeve in the middle and keep folding until it’s all folded over. Then put it in the bag.

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