Montana prohibits surgeries and the administration of hormones to transgender minors

04/30/2023 at 05:33 AM

US state mountain On Friday, the law was approved by a large legislative majority to forbid the Gender confirmation treatments for minors

The Republican governor, Greg Gianforte, signed the law, thus adding this state to dozens of other regions that have approved similar regulations, denouncing the Progress Movement Project, which monitors the status of regulations regarding the LGTB community. The rule will be effective from October 1.

The text is prohibited surgeries and management testosterone or estrogen For adolescents except in cases where there is a “clinically verifiable disorder of sexual development”. It also provides for disciplinary penalties and even suspension from practicing medicine for up to one year. Legal guardians can be denounced by civil means.

The case was particularly significant given that the governor’s own son, David Gianforte, identifies as non-binary gay. However, the governor stressed that al-Qaeda “Minor protection From Montana for permanent, life-altering medical procedures.

In addition, prof Congressman It was Democrat Zoe Zephyr Expelled from the course That rule was approved at the Montana House claiming that those who supported the initiative had “blood on their hands”. For Zephyr, this rule is “as cruel as it is unconstitutional” and she called for it to be overturned in court.

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