Modern technology for washing dishes that is perfect

Washing dishes is one of the most hated household chores by many. Although in some homes there is a dishwasher to do this tedious task, the truth is that in many others they still wash by hand on a daily basis. Today we will tell you the best way to do the job so you can save time, water and money. In addition, the crockery will be shiny and without food residue.

If you incorporate this technique into your daily routine, you will make significant water savings at the end of each month, as in many homes the dishes are washed three times a day, once after each main meal.

The perfect way to wash dishes and make them sparkle

To wash the dishes properly, the most convenient thing is to have a sink with a double basin. If you only have one, you can use a basin to supply the other breast.

The first step is to completely remove food residue left on dishes and cutlery. Once you’re done, put your soiled crockery in the first of the sink or in the sink and put a little dishwashing liquid on it. Add hot water until the dishes are completely covered and let them soak for a few minutes. In this way, the remnants of sauce or food still on the plates will soften, and then it will be easier for them to jump.

After a few minutes, put on thin rubber gloves to protect your hands and start scrubbing the dishes with a rag and dishwashing detergent. When the pieces are clean, place them in the other sink. Go stack it in there with the foam but without rinsing it. When you’ve finished rubbing them all, it’s time to rinse them under running water. This way, you will spend less water than if you were rinsing the dishes one by one while you were washing them.

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If you want to save more water, you can put clean water in the second hole of the sink and rinse the dishes there. Change the water when it foams and continue to rinse the rest.

The best way to dry dishes

Once you wash the dishes you should Put them in a colander for them to dry up. One of the most common mistakes we make is the desire to speed up this drying process and pass a cloth over it. This is not recommended because lint residues can remain on the cutlery and many will lose their shine immediately after washing.

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