Mobile | Is it bad to sleep with the phone near the bed?

  • On many occasions, the phone stays close to our heads throughout the night

In today’s world, we all live in close proximity to screens. We spend many hours looking at a mobile phone or tablet, and one of our favorite moments is right before bed, in bed, before going to sleep.

On many occasions, we are used to leaving the mobile phone very close to us all night long, after using it at the last minute. Many choose the nightstand as their place to leave, or even under the pillow. But then the eternal question arises, is it harmful for our bodies to fall asleep with the ‘smartphone’ too close?

The short answer could be no, or at least there is no scientific evidence for that. The radiation and emissions used by the phone are well below safe levels, so Its effect on the body is practically nil.

For example, it should be noted that if, with the widespread habit of sleeping with the mobile phone near the head, if there really was any harmful effect on health, then society would have already recognized the flood of disease cases that this causes.

Therefore, there is no evidence that radiation can cause cancer or any other disease potentially harmful to the body. It should also be taken into account The emissions produced by the phone when it is in “standby” mode are much lower than those recorded during its actual use. The latter, by itself, is safe enough, with values ​​between 10,000 and 100,000 times lower than those recommended by the limits of human tolerance.

What effects can nighttime mobile use have?

In another order of things, it is worth considering the fact that when sleeping, Mobile phone use can have both negative and opposite effects. That is, the light emitted by the device has the potential to interfere with an individual’s circadian rhythms, disturbing people’s rest.

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Thus, the negative will not be the fact of sleeping with the mobile phone nearby, but its use in the minutes before going to sleep, especially if the individual has difficulty falling asleep.

In short, we conclude that having a mobile phone close to the head during sleeping hours should not pose any health problem for the user, since with the technology currently in use, the electromagnetic waves emitted are completely safe, according to the available scientific evidence in this regard.

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