Mitsotakis will not form a coalition government and there will be new elections

The Greek constitution states that, after the elections, the President of the Republic gives the order to the most voted list to form the government. The political formation has three days in total to comply with the mandate, and if it does not achieve it, the second and third powers will have three more days to form an executive body. If none of them succeed, the Presidency must form a transitional government and call for new elections.

Yesterday, President Katerina Sakellaropoulou met with Kyriakos Mitsotakis, winner of the Greek elections with about 41% of the total vote, to ask him to form a government. Mitsotakis, however, rejected the possibility of forming an executive Supported by the Greek Historical Socialist Party PASOK KENAL Or with the radical Greek solution, and chose to rerun the elections at the end of June – the Greek media speak of the 25th as the most likely date – or at the beginning of July.

There have been multiple occasions in which the conservative leader declared that he did not believe in coalition governments and one of his campaign promises was precisely to call new elections if he did not obtain the absolute majority needed to rule alone. In a country with no political tradition of forming coalition governments and with the parties’ historical difficulty in forming solid coalitions, it is not surprising that the conservative leader would choose to re-elect. In all likelihood, he will improve his results and achieve the desired self-sufficiency to be able to re-validate his mandate.

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Syriza in combat

For his part, the leader of the radical left, Alexis Tsipras, who described the victory of the new democracy as historic, met yesterday with the governing bodies of his party and decided to continue working to try to improve the results in the next meeting with Tractor. Today is the first day of Fight for the next elections (…). “Syriza is and will be present as the main stem of the progressive forces,” he said in a videotape recorded from his office. The dismal electoral results, which won only 72 seats and a difference of more than 20 points with the New Democracy Party, did not allow it to form a coalition government with other Greek left forces.

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