Mirta Drago says goodbye to her position as Director of Communications at Mediaset

  • Mirta Drago, who was the Communications Director for Mediaset Group for 20 years, is leaving the position

  • He is being replaced by Sandra Fernandez, Isabel Diaz Ayuso’s Media Director

Mirta Dragothat was Communications Director at media group For 20 years, he left office After signing by Mediaset Group Sandra Fernandez, who until now was Isabel Diaz Ayuso’s media director. Drago, who had all the confidence of the now-retired Paolo Vasile, published a wide farewell message on his social networks which Reviews their achievements in communication media group And all her positions during this great phase as Communications Manager at Mediaset. It was not only reflected in this happy moments message, But he also wanted to reflect the hardships he had to go through during this stage, which, in the end, are also part of the journey.

goodbye message

About 800 press conferences, with the risk of default“Millions of hours on the phone, crisis management day and night, from Monday to Sunday, in the press and on social networks,” recounted the former director, who confirmed that 20 years of cabinet management kept her busy.

With her position, Mirta Drago fulfilled her dreams of becoming a “Director of Telecinco”. “I was happy, I suffered from stress, I insisted on accompanying the presenters and actors, because they have much more difficulty than anyone else Who has been working on TV especially since then The tyranny of the click And through social networks he feeds on them,” Drago revealed.

At times, it was hard, but he says “go away.”With pride and honor they have never experienced extortion And by any means, despite having to endure blockades, aggressiveness, chauvinism and even cynicism, ”according to the complaint.

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Mirta Drago He said goodbye to his liaison team, “A group of strong and talented people”who are “wise and caring.”

The “new Mediaset” by Borja Prado

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since some weeksdon’t stop moving the chips in what regarding layoffs and new additions in the Mediaset group. The signatures were known at the same time as the dismissals. From Mediaset, they suggested the Practically complete renovation of its organizational structure.

  • the departure of one of his Top managersLeonardo Baltanas, to take over Jaime Guerra.

  • The arrival of Eduardo Escorial as Director of entertainment and newswho will work with the group’s general manager, Manuel Villanueva.

  • they have dispense with it By Mariano Blanco, Baldomero Toscano, and Miguel Santiago Villa.

  • The last movement Dispensing with Dircom Mirta Drago and replaced her with Sandra Fernandez

President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz AyusoShe replaced her former media director, Sandra Fernandez, by Paco García de Diego.

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