Minimum wage among professionals: how much and when will it rise?

The SMI will rise from the current 1,000 euros and affect 1.8 million workers

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vice president Yolanda Diaz He has taken his great personal battle to raise the minimum wage among professionals to levels never before raised to reach 1,078 euros.

Despite warnings from organizations that Spain will enter a technical recession in the first months of 2023, the government will agree, except for the highest SMI in history. This will be a rise of 7.8% from the current 1000 euros to the next 1078 The third largest in the past three decades In addition, he would have gone from 655 to nearly 1,100 in just eight years.

The year chosen is not a coincidence and the number is more ambitious than the previous months. In the summer of the government They took the €1049 number for grantedalthough Diaz has made an order in light of upcoming election appointments to be made in 2023.

When will the minimum wage for professionals rise?

The government does not need to agree with anyone Because they have the exclusive jurisdiction to download it without the support of their employers and despite the predictions of the authorities. The specific number of the new minimum wage will be finalized as soon as government experts give their approval, something that will happen except for a complete turn of events always keeping in mind the evolution of the CPI. Currently, The consumer price index is at 8.9%. There are no signs of significant declines, so the SMI will rise by a similar amount.

Diaz’s goal is to cross the 60% line of average salary in this legislature. 1,078 euros is the most likely number and Effective from 1 January 2023. Nearly 2 million workers will benefit from this increase.

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