Mimi Parker, singer and drummer of the rock band Low . dies

Mimi ParkerSinger and drummer, American indie rock band a littleHe passed away last Saturday night from a ovarian cancer He was diagnosed in 2020. He was 55 years old. She is survived by her two sons Hollis and Cyrus, as well as her husband and colleague Alan Sparhawk.

The news comes after a series of concerts planned by the band were canceled due to Parker’s health condition. After being diagnosed with the disease in late 2020, Parker began treatment in 2021 and publicly revealed his health in a podcast interview in early 2022.

The group posted the news via its personal account on Twitter: “Friends, it is difficult to put the universe in language and a short message, but she passed away last night, surrounded by family and love, including you.”

Parker was born in 1967 He grew up in a small town outside of Bemidji, Minnesota. He began experimenting with music at a very young age, with his sister, for whom he created harmony to complement his vocals and accompany him on guitar. They both sang old state and gospel songs and immediately began playing live. Then Mimi Parker also started playing percussion and joined the band that was in his institute.

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At school she met her husband and future partner in Low Alan Sparhawk and they found the group in 1993 with guitarist John Nichols. The band’s first album, I can live in hopewas released in 1994. While other band members have come and gone, Parker and Sparhawk have remained at the helm throughout Low’s nearly 30-year history.

Since then, Low has been recognized as One of the biggest names in American indie rock. Its success grew as an alternative to the grunge sounds of the ’90s, with a much lower sound, giving rise to the genre known as slow kernel, although they gave up the label. Throughout his 29-year career, Low has released 13 studio albums. ep birthday From 1999 is one of the most admired indie rock releases, and it brought more attention to the band when it appeared in an advertisement for their country clothing label Gap. his last two LPs, double error s oh wowIt was released by Sub Pop in 2018 and 2021 respectively, allowing the band to delve deeper into electronic music, something they had been trying since the album. secret name 1999. Following the departure of guitarist Steve Garrington after 12 years and four studio albums, the band officially became a duo in 2021.

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