Millionaire at the age of 70 | A Seville woman receives a million dollar inheritance thanks to a paternity test

The 70-year-old woman will then receive an inheritance She proves to be the daughter of a famous ex-banderero already deceased. Paternity test led to Millionaire inheritance With more than twenty properties.

he Court of First Instance No. 24 of Seville He was going to issue the sentence reflecting the confirmation of the paternity test where it was revealed, They are really father and daughter. Such a test would have resulted in a 99.999%which is the maximum that can be produced.

because of this deterioration of health From the father, the biological test would have been carried out in his home.

The woman claims that The guide “beyond a reasonable doubt” Referring to the high percentage of confirmations and taking into account its high strong relationship What father and daughter. However, the Banderillero will never admit it This paternity.

She argued that her father—whom he now admitted—was theirs Relationship in the late fifties. In addition, the father also had close relationship with the mother’s brother, So they are usually seen.

Despite pressure from the mother’s family, the mother had to She commits to another man. despite of They kept seeing each other And carried by the plaintiff. When the girl was born, Banderero It has the sense of touch with the mother and in addition, Ignored maintenance expenses.

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after fulfillment reaching the age of majorityLittle He met his father in a coffee shop Seville. here you are I confess It was his daughter. Since then, they have met each other on a few occasions.

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the Evidence presented At trial were some the pictures Her with her mom and a banderillero, plus her Great physical appreciation. Actually that was it a reason that I take to Judge to demand a DNA test.

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