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Milan Kundera Not only The last European novelist with a work worthy of the name, add its status as a Twilight classic. His death also means the extinction of the masculine singular in literature The disappearance of the Meroitic fortress of manhood.

The list of primary authors under this configuration consists of: Philip Roth, Jorge Semprin, Carlos Fuentes, Jean Daniel or García Márquezall those who posed with the Czech writer were included in the photographic collection.

Kundera reinvents itself in french to To deny communism idiomatically, and leads the trio set in his own by Milos Forman and Vaclav Havel. Much literature has been consumed in exhausting the rivalry between novelist and playwright. Conder’s sincerity led him to craft a sober and flattering definition of the president of Czechoslovakia, noting that he had “made a work of art out of his life”.

The author of the joke only appeared in the books, it was never silly. He defended his daily life in a An impregnable bulwark against monstrous huntersthe most carnivorous fan of Taylor Swift.

He wrote as a man who abhors the invasion of privacy. Not dead, it was canceled by the fast track. He would have trouble selling The Unbearable Lightness of Being, the book that defined a generation, today. His attraction extended to the Kunderian actors who brought him to the screen, Juliette Binoche and Daniel Day-Lewis. Like Sheila, like Nabokov, Kundera was also a slave-owner of the woman he called his wife. They will read plenty of praise from Vera, who is hated by those close to the writer with her hobby of passing a pendulum through her husband’s food before the genius tastes it. Kundera spent his summers in Mallorca in the 1980s. He responded with an incomparable beauty to the newsstand and warned him that the journalists were looking for him:

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