Mike Pence says he “cannot defend” the charges against Trump

Former US Vice President Mike Pence asserted on Tuesday that he could not defend the “very serious” charges against former President Donald Trump in the investigation into classified documents found at his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, which he defended. Not guilty.

“After reading the indictment, these are very serious charges, and I cannot defend what is alleged,” Pence said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal editorial board.

However, Pence, who is concerned about the content of documents that Trump allegedly hid in his property, according to the aforementioned newspaper, noted that “the former president has the right to his day in court, and he has the right to present a defense and I want to reserve judgment until I have a chance to respond.”.

Trump’s former “second man” has expressed concern about “the notion of documents relating to the defense capabilities of the United States and our allies, our nuclear program, and potential vulnerabilities of the United States and our allies.”

“Even an inadvertent disclosure of this type of information can endanger our national security and the security of our armed forces. Frankly, with two members of our closest family serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, I will never underestimate the importance of protecting the rights of our nation.”

Thus, he emphasized that “no one is above the law” and that the ex-president “Innocent until proven guilty”«. He also considered that he finds it “difficult to believe that politics did not play a role” in the prosecution’s decision.

“I think millions of Americans are deeply concerned by this allegation, especially given the fact that it is Hillary Clinton engaged in very similar behavior in the 2016 campaign and has not been charged. “We should be given equal treatment under the law in this country,” Pence said.

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The former US vice president concluded: “My conclusion is: I believe that the American people have lost faith in the Department of Justice, not only because of this, but because of a long series of abuses that have come to light.”

Pence, the Republican nominee for the upcoming US presidential elections, promised to give the Justice Department a “fresh start” if he is elected in the 2024 elections, “with respectable men and women on both sides of the aisle abiding by the law.

The former vice president was recently cleared of any wrongdoing by the Justice Department after a small number of classified documents were found at his Indiana residence in January. Pence’s team cooperated with law enforcement and turned over the materials when discovered.

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