Miguel Hernandez’s work is already in the public domain

the National Library It published its usual list of authors and titles that are past 2023 to be from public domain, Including the poet Miguel Hernandez, author of “Viento del pueblo” or “Nanas de la cebolla”, among other collections of poetry.

In total, they have passed into the public domain The work of 174 Spanish writers, Because they are authors who died in 1942 and in Spain the copyright covers 80 years – from 1987, only 70 years -. In addition to Hernández, the list published by the National Library and compiled by Europa Press includes other names such as Eustachio Jimenez (brother of Juan Ramón Jimenez and mayor of Mujer).

Also one of Sculptor and painter Julio González -who in 1899 moved to Paris to collaborate with Picasso-, the sculptor Julia Casagemas – one of the first opera composers in Spain, sister of Carlos Casagemas, the painter who was also a friend of Picasso – or the otolaryngologist who invented thermotherapy – intervened on the trigeminal nerve- Fernando Aguero.

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In the international arena – where copyright has been valid for 70 years – cinema’s representative titles enter the public domain, as in the futuristic work of Fritz Lang “Metropolis” Or the character created by Arthur Conan Doyle, and Detective Sherlock Holmes.

According to the web “Public Domain Day”Business Virginia Wolf -‘To the lighthouse’-, Ernest Hemingway – The group “Men Without Women” or William Faulkner – “Mosquitoes” -. in the world of music. In the musical field, it was released Putin’ on the Ritzdirected by Irving Berlin, who became famous thanks to the movie “Young Frankenstein”.

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