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The doors of the gastronomic Olympus were opened wide this year, never to say so, because a couple of restaurants were accepted into such an exclusive club. three Michelin stars: Atrium (Caceres) and Hermanos Torres Kitchen (Barcelona) I managed, after years of effort and distinction, to emerge among the greatest 2023 guideTonight in Toledo. Since the 2018 guide, two restaurants have not entered paradise at once (then they were Àbac -Barcelona- and aponent -El Puerto de Santa María, Cadiz-).

In the case of twins Sergio and Javier Torres, they also contribute to Transforming Barcelona into the undisputed capital of fine diningas the Catalan city adds, by itself, Three “three-star” establishments. They were already at the top your father (Jordi Cruz) and Lassart (Martin Berasategui – Paolo Casagrande). San Sebastian has the Arzac trio, Martin Berasategui Aquilar but the city does not reach 38 star BarcelonaWhile Madrid turns 36 and has only Difrexo as a ‘trio’ (Which, by the way, achieved one for raveuxo).

“A dream after every bite”

Thus the directory inspectors justify the distinction between Torres Brothers Kitchenwho starred in the long-distance race with increasing speed thanks to his impressive place commitment on the Carrer del Taquígraf Serra: “It makes us dream after every bitesince Sergio and Javier Torres created the magical space where is the Gastronomic experiencewhich is transmitted from coherence by The best seasonal productsexceeds diner’s expectations to become a big show“.

For their part, they dedicate these words to atrium: “An elegant and subtle proposal of Chef Tonio Perez, who It has restored to the DNA of local gastronomic traditionswith the Iberian pig as the main protagonist, to captivate our taste buds Passion, sincerity and technical excellencean acknowledgment that he had somewhat relieved the pain of the theft of dozens of jewels from his vault, priceless because some of them were so unique; Although the thieves have been caught, there is no trace of the bottles.

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thirteen “three stars”

with extras Torres Brothers Kitchen s atriumin Spain there are already 13 “three-star” restaurants: in addition to those mentioned: your father s Lazart (Barcelona), in Sealer de Can Roca (Girona), livelihoodAnd the Martin Berasategui s Coven (Saint Sebastian), Azurmandi (Larrabetzu), Diverso (Madrid), Kiki Dacosta (religiously), aponent (El Puerto de Santa Maria) and Amos Arbour (Villaverde de Pontones, Cantabria).

Three new “bi”.

In section 2 starsthere are three high. Disaat the Mandarin Oriental Ritz in Madrid, which took second place after last year’s first achievement “because it reflects the love of the Mediterranean that always exudes the impeccable and creative cuisine of Mr. Quique Dacosta, prepared by Chef Guillermo Chávez”.

Pepe Vieirain the small village of Serpi, next to Raxo (Pontevedra), because “there Chef Xosé T. Cannas knows how to surround himself with professionals from all fields to create a truly unique space in the middle of the countryside, marked by avant-garde lines and with the sole aim of exalting, as they themselves say, Flavors… “The World’s Last Kitchen”!

s Juan Carlos corner, at Royal Hideaway Corrales Beach (Adeje, Tenerife), the Padrón brothers (Juan Carlos and Jonathan) “having reviewed the Canarian recipe book from a creative point of view, with outstanding products, very high levels of refinement and the ability to stir up different dishes”. Now there are 41 Spanish “biestrelados”.

29 with a star

And what happens to those who are released with them The first Michelin star? Well, there are many more 29 Nothing more, nothing less, for a “fantastic year”, as Michelin qualifies this edition of the guide thanks to “new establishments with Many chefs who have reached professional maturity are young talents Which captivated us, by their personality and fine culinary work. ” And above all, the youth of many outstanding chefs, “who have taken a step forward to show all their potential. ” Michelin also highlights Entry into the high gastronomy of vegetarian cuisine.

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In the words of Gwendal Pollenek, International Director of Michelin Guides, “Younger chefs take on front and embark on their own journeys, in many cases Fly the flag of regional cuisine or reinterpreted fusion“.

in BarcelonaThey get the first wound HighAnd the EatAnd the Mont BarAnd the slow and lowWhile mystery Restores it after being closed due to the pandemic. This means that the pulse for the stars between the Catalan city and Madrid has picked this time for the first time: 38 to 36.

Thirteen green stars

In section green starswith which the gastronomic bible characterizes those establishments that “create experiences that combine gastronomic excellence with a remarkable commitment to environmental responsibility”, novelties in Spain are 13: Ampifium (Penafil), Aria! (Santa Cruz de Campizo), can cook (Zaragoza), new home (Saint-Martin-Saroca), The house of the Jews (Santander), fisco (fuentesback), moles (oldicona), Mascarada (liconberry), muxgo (Gran Canarian palm), Narpaso (cherry), Oppa- (Casas Ibanez), Sell ​​Moncalvillo (Daruca de Rioja) and Zelay Teksi (Saint Sebastian).

Three special awards

The Michelin guide Three were also awarded Special Awards: Young Chef, Chef Mentor and Room Service.

Young Chef Award 2023: Christopher Munoz (Ampifiumin Penafiel). “It is a tribute to the work of Chef Cristobal Muñoz from Almeria, who at only 32 years of age manages superbly the kitchens of the Ampifium restaurant (one Michelin star and one green star). Trained alongside prestigious chefs such as Francis Panego, Dani García or Paco Perez, this young chef It seeks the perfect harmony between the solid and the liquid part, and proposes an innovative and innovative cuisine that is able to move without forgetting our roots.

Chef Mentor Award 2023: Joanne Rock (El Celler de Can Rocain Girona). “He received this award in recognition of his work in training different generations of chefs, because all those who passed through his house felt his intense love for the profession and, from their closeness, were able to learn the most avant-garde techniques and the values ​​of dedication and sacrifice that are implicit in it.”

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Room Service Award 2023: Tony Jerez (Peralada Castlein Peralada). This new award is in recognition of Tony Jerez’s outstanding work at Castell Peralada (1 star). He does an outstanding job as room manager and sommelier, jobs that border, although he stands out especially when he delivers the fantastic cheese cart that runs across the tables, because He himself reveals the characteristics in the mouth of each of them and, out of the most utter passion, makes us partakers of his vast knowledge.

Not all was smiling in Toledo. Also tears to losing a star. This is the situation Astani Clar (fences), silly things (pelvis), kabuki (Madrid) f Yulia’s point of view (San Sebastian), and water and salt (Santiago de Compostela) and eMe Be Garrote (San Sebastian) due to lockdown, and Cebu (Madrid) due to change of management.

List of new stars in the 2023 Michelin Guide (in alphabetical order)

List of new stars in the 2023 Michelin Guide (in alphabetical order)

Three stars

  • Atrium (Caceres)

  • Hermanos Torres Kitchen (Barcelona)

2 stars

  • Desa (Madrid)

  • Juan Carlos Corner (Adeje, Tenerife)

  • Baby Vieira (Serpi, Pontevedra)

a star

  • Ababol (simple)

  • garlic (logroño)

  • Alia (Barcelona)

  • Alma mater (Murcia)

  • Chemistry Laboratory (Valladolid)

  • old (eliskas)

  • Aria! (Santa Cruz de Campizo)

  • Seeb (Urins)

  • Cobo Evolution (Burgos)

  • barcode (Cádiz)

  • eat (barcelona)

  • Enigma (Barcelona)

  • Etxeko Ibiza (Es Canar, Eivissa)

  • Verbel (nettle)

  • Fusion19 (Moro, Mallorca)

  • Strange people (Zaragoza)

  • Calega (Malaga)

  • farm (loga)

  • Mont Bar (Barcelona)

  • Mount San Feliz

  • Montia (San Lorenzo de El Escorial)

  • Uba (Casas Ibanez)

  • Obazu (padron)

  • Raviuxo (Madrid)

  • San Ho (Adeje, Tenerife)

  • Slow and Low (Barcelona)

  • Doctor (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

  • Ugo Chan (Madrid)

  • Zawara Sushi (Madrid)

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