Michel defends the right of assembly in his meeting with Xi

China resume file Face-to-face diplomatic exchanges After the isolation caused by the Covid Zero policy. One of its priority targets is the European Union, which aspires to move away from the US sphere of influence towards a more neutral territory. It is in the shadow of these buildings that the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, kicked off his official visit to Beijing today with a three-hour meeting with Xi Jinping.

Your trip coincides with Historic protests Against the health strategy that has been shaking the country for days. In the press conference that followed the meeting, Michel claimed that he had commented on the issue during his conversation with the Chinese leader, without providing further details on the matter.

However, in his first speech, he defended the importance of respecting the right to assembly. basic right Included in both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and national constitutions.”

And the prevailing restrictions forced the President of the European Council to intervene from the Diaoyutai government complex, where foreign leaders usually reside, while the media followed his words from the European Union delegation in the Chinese capital.

human rights

Michel offered his condolences at former Chinese President Jiang Zemin, who died yesterday, whom Xi hailed as supportive of bilateral relations. However, the meeting also dealt with more thorny issues. “I urged China is using its influence with Russia So you respect the Charter of the United Nations,” the European said, referring to the invasion of Ukraine.

He also referred to “universal” human rights with regard to Xinjiang and Hong Kong; As well as the situation in Taiwan, noting that the EU “has a strong interest in Keep the peace and stability in the strait.

This official visit comes at a time when the European Union intends to preventively reduce its economic dependence on the Asian giant after punishing Russia. “We discussed how Better work togetherbut also how to manage our differences,” Michel summed up.

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