Mexico, Colombia and Spain are the winners of the 2023 King of Spain Award for Journalism

The Second Exile of Sergio Ramirez, a comprehensive profile of the Nicaraguan writer by journalist Victor Núñez Jaime, wins the award for cultural journalism

Work done by journalists from Mexico, Colombia and Spain has captured my attention King of Spain International Journalism Awards 2023the most famous in the Ibero-American field, whose six category winners were announced on Thursday in Madrid.

An international jury, chaired by the President of Agencia EFE, Gabriela Cañas, and Anton Les, Director of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECID), as Vice-President, announced the names of the members of the jury. Featured Papers among 133 nominations from 17 countries who participated in the various methods.

The winners will receive in Madrid from the King of Spain, Philip VIthe prizes – which this year celebrate their 40th anniversary -, in addition to the 10,000 euros that were awarded for each of the categories, an economic sum that puts these prizes on the Pulitzer level.

Investigative, environmental and humanitarian journalism

The report “Fentanyl: The Future of Drugs, Death to Humanity,” published in Mexican Media N+, was prepared with King of Spain International Prize for Fiction Journalism.

After five months of investigation, the team consisting of Victor Emmanuel Valles Mata and Adrian Tinoco managed to enter one of the Sinaloa Cartel’s fentanyl laboratories for the first time and interview minors working in the manufacturing process and local bosses.

The jury appreciated the very complete, “real” work, and privileged access to the treatment of this drug, demonstrating “significant journalistic effort.”

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award in a category International cooperation and humanitarian action The award went to “J’accuse! El saoeo de la casa de Rosario”, published in Frontera Digital, Spain, by Jesús Martínez and photographer Marc Javierre-Kohan.

The jury recognized this work of telling the drama of Rosario, who, at 98, wants nothing more than to restore the image of her husband who died half a century ago, the only image she keeps of him, after the judicial procession of eviction.

The Spanish public organization RTVE won an award environmental journalism For the report “Suelos vivos”, broadcast by Televisión Española on June 16 and directed by Eduardo Laplaza García (Director), Marisol Soto (Screenplay) and Francesc Tomás (Director), from the environmental program “El escarabajo verde”.

The production focuses on regenerative agriculture and how living soil, biodiversity, soil moisture and carbon storage are preserved, among other benefits in times of extreme heat and prolonged drought, such as last summer in Spain.

Exile, Immigration Drama and Youth Journalism

The Second Exile of Sergio Ramirez, a comprehensive profile of the Nicaraguan writer, published by the Mexican newspaper Milenio and executed by the journalist from that country Victor Núñez Jaime, won an award Cultural press.

The jury judged the work “well written” and “thought-provoking”, the product of several months in which Milenio accompanied Ramírez to depict his daily life in Madrid, where he lives in his second exile due to persecution by Daniel Ortega’s government.

Colombian Manuel Salvador Saldariaga won in the category The illustrated press With “Risking Your Life Through the Darien Gap”, a photographic series published in El Colombiano of Medellin.

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Saldarriaga, who has already been honored in 2010 and 2020, has been honored for his work on this newspaper for the images of Haitians crossing this jungle from Colombia into Panama on their way in search of access to the United States.

Finally, the independent Colombian digital media Cuestión Pública was awarded an award Journalism Award for Ibero-American Media.

The jury held that Cuestión Pública, founded in 2018, “endorses the practice of good investigative journalism and independent data.” In addition, the prize awarded constitutes “support for young journalism and a creative outlet.”

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The King of Spain Awards for International Journalism have been awarded annually since 1983 and were created by the EFE Agency and AECID.

Its purpose is to get acquainted with the media work carried out by specialists in the press in Spanish and Portuguese from the countries that make up the community of Ibero-American nations and from the countries with which Spain maintains relations of a historical nature and cultural and cooperative relations. EFE

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