Meta will place teen safe ads | Meta will give teens more control over safe ads

Goal Made new updates to its advertising platform on Instagram and Facebook To achieve a safe advertising experience for teens, by limiting access to information to minors and giving teens more control over the ads they want to see.

The company shared its intent maintaining teen-friendly spaces in their social networks, Especially when receiving ads. This goal is based on the fact that minors are not necessarily as equipped as adults to make decisions about how their online data is used for advertising.

Goal Already implemented changes to ads on Instagramsuch as excluding the ability for advertisers to target teens based on their interests and activities.

Now, as of February, The platform will “further” restrict advertisers’ options to reach minors across Instagram and Facebook. One update is based on removing gender-related information, so that it does not act as data to direct ad delivery.

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also, Your teen’s interactions on social media, such as viewed or liked Instagram or Facebook poststhey will not collect the types of ads they have viewed.

Another new aspect is This age and location will be the only data about teens that these platforms will use to display ads. As Meta explains, knowing this information ensures that teens see ads that are “targeted for their age,” as well as the products and services available where they live.

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