Meryl Streep wins the Princess of Asturias Art Prize

Famous American actress Meryl Streep (1949), most nominated for Oscars in history, “The most industrious girl in cinema,” as the actress also knew her Julia roberts just a few years ago after a cast engagement, she new winner Princess of Asturias Award for arts.

The award for which it was nominated Pedro Almodovar – also awarded in the same category in 2006 – this does justice to one of the women with the most prolific, consistent and varied career in the history of the seventh art. “She is one of the best contemporary actresses,” says the jury in the minutes of their meeting.

And it was precisely for his merits that they made it clear that he was awarded the prize. Honoring the art of interpretation and making sure that ethics and consistency run through their workBy virtue of the assertion that human beings, especially women, should excel and stand out from their uniqueness, from their difference.

Over five decades, Meryl Streep has evolved A brilliant career in showcasing sequences in which you bring to life rich and complex female characters, Which calls for thinking and forming the critical spirit of the viewer. honesty and responsibility in the choice of their works, in the service of inspired and exemplary narratives, across the screen and stages with impeccable interpretive technique, armed only with their gestures, their voice and their looks, ”the verdict of the jury continues.

In addition to her reliable professional dedication, which made her a Icon of popular culture around the worldStreep is also involved in projects related to Empowering women and highlighting female representation in the field Hollywood. Qualities that have certainly been incorporated in the eyes of the jury of the “Princess of Asturias” awards that, with this award for the arts, are presented for the first time, the awards awarded for the 2023 edition. In fact, the jury notes that it A tireless activist for equality; With his talent and tenacity, he has made it possible for different generations to enjoy unforgettable performances, earning the respect that this great art deserves.”

Close to Fifty years Meryl Streep has been on stage, Since his theatrical debut in 1971, where he made his film debut in 1977. In his filmography there are works that are already classics of cinema, such as “Kramer vs. Kramer, Sophie’s Decision, The French Lieutenant’s Wife, Out of Africa, Out of Cake, A Cry in the Dark, Madison Bridges, The Iron Lady, The Devil Wears Prada, The Orchid Thief ... Awards have never been so far away, and all the nominations for the “Oscar” were embodied in three awards for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, plus more than thirty reviews at the “Golden Globes”, several Emmy Awards, awards from screen actors. Guild and even in 2017 awarded him the Cecil B. Demille Award in honor of his entire career.

In her teens, Meryl Streep took opera lessons where she was also recognized as having a good voice that could lead her to the path of music, but she always preferred acting. Of course, he has exploited that sound to interpret some box office hits like “Mama Mia!”

The 19 members of the jury for this 43rd edition held their first meeting in Oviedo on Tuesday and had to choose from among 44 candidates from twenty nationalities. Soon the intense discussion began to bear fruit. The Arts Prize, which last year went jointly to Cantora Carmen Linares and bailaora María Pagés, distinguished filmmakers in previous editions such as Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola And Woody AllenAnd for musicians Paco de Lucia and Bob Dylan for the performance artist Marina Abramović or architect Norman Foster. As for the actresses, Meryl Streep is taking the lead Nuria Esbert, awarded in 2016.

The entire jury

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He chaired the jury for this year’s Arts Prize Miguel Zogaza, Director of the Bilbao Museum of Fine Arts and It is also made up of the Asturian music director Aaron Zapico Prana (who serves as secretary): Director of the PhotoEspaña Festival of Photography and Visual Arts, Claude Boussac the President of the Film Academy, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo; Curator of Art and Criticism, Maria de Coral López-Durega; President of the Casa de Alba Foundation, Carlos Fitz – James Stewart Martinez de Irujo; Actor and director Josep Maria floats and spades; visual artist Dionisio González Romero; film director Sergio Gutierrez Sanchez arc manager, Maribel Lopez Zambrana; journalist a.Antonio Lucas Herrero Theater artistic director Joan Matabush Grifoll; Theater director and playwright Helena Pimenta Hernandez Neuroscientist and music promoter Sandra Rotondo Urcula; Architecture expert Martha Thorne pianist Rosa Torres PardoNew York Opera Society resident: Asturian designer and architect Patricia Urquiola Hidalgo; Cultural Director Carlos Uroz Aranspia; And the artist Tadanori Yamaguchi.

If the Princess Foundation can get Meryl Streep to take a break from her work to receive her award in Asturias, then without a doubt the awards blue carpet will be hotter than ever.

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