Mercadona’s new viral cake with white hazelnut cream

Mercadona It is usually surprised from time to time by new products that tend to catch up with their customers, whom the Valencian chain of restaurants calls “the bosses”. In 2023, the company’s supermarkets have introduced A cake that didn’t take long to make an impactand even make diffuse Through one of the most popular social networks among young people, whom this product primarily targets.

the Kinder Bueno Cake by Mercadona has quickly gained a place in the list of favorites among supermarket customers, which has recently emerged to offer a variety of these sweet treats that have certainly helped more than one out of the hassle to put the climax on the celebration.

This new cake is a continuation of the success Hazelnut cream from Haciendadowhich faithfully replicates the flavor of the famous Kinder Bueno meal.

the recipe

Kinder Bueno Mercadona Cake, whose brand name is “Haciendado White Hazelnut Cream Cake”, is on sale in chain stores in The price is 9.50 euros And from 10 servings (880 grams). It consists of a sponge cake base, several layers of cream and hazelnut cream, as well as a white chocolate coating with crispy balls. It is sold frozen, so you need to leave it in the refrigerator for a while until it reaches the perfect consistency.

Succeed on TikTok

Mercadona’s new product is getting people talking, and not just among the customers who got to taste the candy. on TikTok Kinder Bueno cake sets trends and many more influencers They have set out to release videos in which they try to appreciate the candy.


Kinder Cake 🍰 in Mercadona 🛒

♬ original sound – steps

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This is the situation ‘steps’creator of Mercadona’s cake video went viral, surpassing 2 million views “It’s obviously industrial, boxed…but understanding what kind of cake it is, it’s a good price,” highlights tiktoker.

Peldanyos isn’t the only one who has offered his product review on TikTok. You have here Some other examplessome to the beat of Shakira’s latest song, to make the videos even more viral: Mercadona’s new Kinder Bueno cake!!! 😍😍🤤 I loved it, it’s not scary at all #parati #shakira #foryou #tarta #kinderbueno #salpique #comida ♬ Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 – Bizarrap & Shakira
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