Mercadona’s great novelty: they release the flavor of pancakes

Mercadona will start the month of March in the best possible way. The company continues the profile line new products in his catalog, while pull others.

This new product will be added to others already achieved reputation in the company Valencian, but nevertheless, You will raise great expectations Among the customers who are most fond of the product, because it will be combined with a new set of flavors.

Hacendado has become a great brand On the market, since their relationship Price qualitymakes consumers happy and the differences with leading brands are not as great as the customer expects.

Vegetable and rice pancakes

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Mercadona will integrate Rice cakes a new flavour. If previously it could be eaten with different types of chocolate, this time, the new flavor will be it legumes. Mercadona’s decision to boost this product isn’t surprising, since it’s a sales success.

These pancakes are a very frequent food that should be eaten between meals. The food will be healthy As long as it is consumed in moderation however It will be better to consume this new variety of those containing Milk or white chocolate Where excess sugars and calories will be reduced. As for the other items, they can be a healthy snack as long as they don’t contain too much Calories, salt and refined oils of questionable quality.

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