Mercadona’s commitment to its customers is to remove outstanding products from the supermarket

Mercadona Knows how to take advantage of the changing seasons to launch products directly related to each of them. The supermarket is constantly included renew their own labels. Hacendado offers new flavors of ice cream in the summer, nougat at Christmas, desserts at Halloween, etc. Deliplus, for its part, is adapting its scents to personal care products and is launching limited editions.

series Valencian supermarkets goes out constantly Marketing new products to the delight of consumers. The only drawback is that the arrival of new products to Mercadona shelves mean the withdrawal of others. This is Mercadona It continues to add novelties to its shelves always.

However, Mercadona has always been stationary products This takes a lot Trade time.

Lack of products always brought

When the customer gets used to it always some product, Every time you go to the supermarket and Arriving and not being found is always bad news. For this reason it is often used Reciprocity in the supermarket With their customers, there are many letters they write to ask about their products Disappeared in supermarkets.

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That’s the same It happened with the ice cream that the customer used to buy always no matter what The time of year you are. For this reason, he wrote a tweet to Mercadona where he revealed his grievance missing product a few months ago in supermarket shelves.

AndMercadona told him They no longer market the product for it The person the customer was asking about. But they asked him what he highlights This product What I love most about ice cream is trying to get it back by telling the person responsible for taking care of this product.

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