Mercadona Yogurt Prevents Hair Loss: A dessert that prevents this problem

Hair loss is a phenomenon that should be considered normal, as climate change and weather have a corrosive effect throughout the year. Every day we lose a large amount of hair, every season of the year this phenomenon occurs, which may be related to the life cycle of hair. It is important to use natural and gentle washing and care products to give her adequate nourishment. Massaging the scalp, avoiding frequent washing, and using sunscreens can all help stop hair loss.

Some studies say that we lose between 50 and 100 hairs per day on average. What we have to worry about are the distractions. That is, the loss of larger quantities so quickly that the equilibrium with growth and thickness is not respected. The test that we can do to assess the health of the hair is a 3D test, which is a microscopic test. It is a minimally invasive procedure that allows to determine the life cycle of the hair, its current condition and the causes that cause alopecia.

If we do not know which vitamins are lost when hair loss, we may not know the effect of nutrition on this problem. To amplify it through nutrition, you must learn about the effects of fruits, vegetables, and tubers. Apricots and melons or foods such as carrots, potatoes and pumpkins may affect growth.

The green and orange fruits are rich in vitamin A, which protects hair health when consumed regularly. Added to this is a set of behaviors that should not be missing. Massage the scalp when washing it, use keratin shampoo, cut split ends, and avoid tobacco.

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Other foods that should be included in the daily diet are salmon, yogurt and blueberries. This yogurt (and the rest of the products) can be found in the Mercadona food section. Omega-3s, vitamins and iron all play a role and their deficiency can have ramifications for health. Stress, lack of rest and sleep, smoking, alcohol and lack of physical activity, in addition to putting the body at risk, can also cause hair loss.

A separate speech should be made about extra virgin olive oil. Nourishing the hair with a conditioning pack of a few drops of olive oil will make the hair strong and shiny. This should be done 20 minutes before washing. Being rich in vitamin E, the oil fights the action of free radicals that may be a cause of aging.

It is not only important to identify the missing vitamins when hair loss, but also to identify the diseases that cause this discomfort. Because there are many diseases that cause hair loss.

It will be hormonal and systemic imbalances, fungal infections affecting the scalp, and especially important physical stress. But also psychological stress, prolonged treatments that force us to take medications for a long time, or damage to hair follicles when wearing tight hairstyles. Any behavior that does not respect the delicacy of the hair can cause it to fall out. When we brush them, when we wash them, when we dry them and if we don’t protect them from the elements and UV rays.

There are many nutritional supplements on the market that help women grow their hair thicker. They contain polyphenols, quercetin, rutin, catechin and are usually not deficient in iron, magnesium, selenium, zinc and sulfur. Studies that have addressed this issue are numerous, and with so many products on the market, there has been no shortage of investment in research.

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California researchers recently discovered a protein that appears to be effective in multiplying and regrowing follicles. The name will be Scube3 and expectations are high, hoping for a more effective treatment than previously.

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There is no doubt that one of the mistakes we make when we suffer from hair loss are those related to food. Neglecting and not realizing that we are deficient in Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D can be a big mistake. Nowadays, these situations are far from uncommon, because vitamin B12 comes from meat, and when deciding on a diet, many DIY options can play a role. Asking a nutritionist for information before creating the daily diet can help us avoid certain traps.

On the other hand, vitamin D deficiency depends on lifestyle. Since sun exposure is important when taking it, lack of physical activity outdoors may be something to avoid at all costs. Walking in the fresh air will also be important for reducing stress.

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