Mercadona soap that leaves the curtain on the outside as if it had just been installed

When spring comes and the temperatures rise, it’s time for a good cleaning. It’s time to wake the house from its hibernation, open all the windows and start doing the chores we’ve been putting off for months. You have to clean every corner of the house for the arrival of summer.

It is necessary to organize the work in order to avoid being overtired or forgetting a part of the house. The most organized people make a list, listing all the tasks in order of priority or difficulty. Of course, you also have to take care of the exterior of the house. For example, do not forget to remove the green moss that forms on walls and floors in winter.

Here’s how to easily remove tough dirt from plastic or aluminum shutters with these truly effective household compounds

Housework is really hard but let’s not get discouraged and start with the most tedious and tiring cleaning task. Let’s think about blinds, an indispensable thing that darkens the windows and prevents sunlight from entering the house. The outer part of the blinds is always in contact with the weather, so it gets dirty more easily than the inner part. It’s not always easy to clean blinds, especially since they have those pesky little cracks.

But let’s roll up our sleeves and get started. If our blackout blinds were made of plastic, we should use two products we all have at home. Let’s talk about dishwashing liquid and vinegar. Before you start washing, you need to remove the dust. We use a brush to remove dirt between the strips and a slightly dampened microfiber cloth to remove dust. Pour hot water, 4 tablespoons of vinegar, and a few drops of dish soap into a bucket. Use a microfiber cloth to remove all dirt. Remember to change the water several times. Rinse with a clean cloth and pat dry.

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Cleaning aluminum shutters

To clean aluminum blinds, dust must necessarily be removed before washing them. Once you have completed this process, fill a bucket with warm water and Marseille soap, a product that you can find at any Mercadona establishment. Use a microfiber cloth, clean and remove all dirt. To remove soap and water residue, use another clean cloth. This is how you can easily remove even the toughest dirt and dust from your blinds.

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