Mercadona seasoning that slows down hair growth on legs

Hair is always a big problem. Although there are many methods of hair removal, it can appear again in a month or less. This not only takes us a lot of time, but also, if we go to the cosmetology, a lot of money. There are alternatives to hair removal, such as laser or pulsed light, but they can also be expensive.

However, we can try some methods to stop hair growth, both on the body and on the face. In fact, these natural remedies will make us skip a few waxing sessions. These tricks are very easy and can be done at home.

There are several types of hair removal. Depending on the type we prefer, the hair grows at a higher or lower speed. The razor is undoubtedly what makes the hair grow faster, because it does not remove the follicle. Those who rely only on this method, because they have sensitive skin, can already see the hair after a couple of days.

The first way to stop hair growth on the face and legs is timely waxing. For example, remove hair on the waning moon. This advice is related to popular belief and appears to be very effective. Also, let’s not wax after eating. The skin will be more sensitive, because the blood flow is greater. Finally, we avoid waxing before the cycle if possible, and move it up to about three days after it’s complete. This is because there will be fewer hormones that promote hair growth.

All natural tricks

Another tip is to use ice. We spend a cube after epilation and every night before bed. In fact, the cold would help constrict the blood vessels and delay hair growth.

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Moreover, not everyone knows that green tea is a real ally against hair. Testosterone is one of the hormones that promote regrowth. The drink will help reduce its production and thus slow down growth. Green tea is also an excellent aid to health and beauty. Therefore, incorporating it into our diet provides many benefits.

Finally, the last way is to use turmeric, which we can find in any Mercadona supermarket. Mix it with chickpea flour and a tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Mix well until you get a thick and homogeneous cream. Spread it on the affected area such as the face, legs and underarms and leave it to dry. Once it is completely dry, wash it off with lukewarm water. Turmeric contains many active ingredients that soften the skin and weaken the hair roots. It also helps in removing ingrown hairs. In these ways, the hair will grow more slowly and save us a few visits to the cosmetologist.

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