Mercadona says goodbye to these products forever

It’s normal practice in large supermarket chains, but customers experience it as a shock, especially if it affects one of their favorite products. Inventory at these stores moves on and off the shelves: New things arrive and products that apparently didn’t work disappear.

When Mercadona does this, angry reactions are elicited, usually through social networks. The company’s communications managers are having a hard time and want to deal politely with customers’ angry reaction.

here they are Five Hacendado products That Mercadona has recently withdrawn:

Stracciatella liquid yogurt

Mercadona consumers had among their favorite liquid yogurt with chocolate chips. When the Valencia supermarket confirmed it was no longer selling it, it dropped like a bomb.

Should be white

Mercadona maintains the red, but the white has disappeared from its foundations. The chain confirmed this to a customer when he asked about it.

Cheesecake and rosemary

It was a rosemary cheesecake (which also has thyme) and it made in the oven in less than five minutes. His disappearance from Mercadona’s shelves caused fear and anguish among customers. One “affected” user resorted to a crying “gif” to express how he felt.

Buckwheat pasta

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The supermarket chain joined the “bio” pasta trend years ago and launched several, including red lentil pasta and some Buckwheat pasta that does not contain gluten. The latter has disappeared to the grief of many customers.

Four cheese pizza stuffed with gorgonzola

Four cheese pizza stuffed with gorgonzola has been incorporated into our Stuffed Pizza range. Mercadona confirmed that it was also withdrawn.

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