Mercadona is already selling Roscón de Reyes: this is how the price rose from year to year

First there were nougat calendars, then Advent calendars and now we finally have in Mercadona the most famous Christmas candy: Roscon de Reyes. For a few days, many TikTok and Twitter users have warned that it is already available in the usual supermarkets, and in fact, it can already be found in all parts of the world. The physical stores of the chain and through the application To make the purchase online, though, the temperatures and Christmas ambiance aren’t quite as good yet.

Mercadona shared again with Roscon de Reyes Exactly the same suggestion To last year: Packaging Similar and same varieties that will delight your sweet tooth (and most folkloric). As in 2021, Mercadona has launched five Roscón variants for the 2022/2023 winter season: Without filling, without lactose and gluten, with cream filling, with cream filling and with cream and chocolate filling.

This year, Mercadona has repeated with its five varieties of Roscón de Reyes, but not so with prices: like the rest of the products, this Christmas item has been affected by inflation and a general rise in prices.

How much will Roscon Mercadona cost this year?

This Christmas from 2022 to 2023, Rosecons stuffed with cream, cream and chocolate Its price will be 8.5 euros, which is 0.5 euros more than last year. The Donut stuffed with cream It will have the same price (8.5 euros), but the increase is even greater (2.5 euros more expensive) because last year it only cost 6 euros.

regarding Unfilled DonutIt costs 5.5 euros (1.5 euros more than the previous year), while Roscón de Reyes is gluten-free and lactose-free up to €8 (€1 more than in 2021).

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