Mercadona: Important announcement of the Christmas hours

Full of holidays, December brings changes to the calendar for Mercadona. The chain’s establishments have already seen their usual hours adjusted for the December long weekend, and this situation will be repeated over the Christmas holidays.

What will happen to December 26? With Christmas Day falling on a Sunday, the following day, Monday 26 December, became a commutable holiday: the regional administrations were therefore able to decide whether or not that day would be a working day in their territory.

The Valencia supermarket will open on Sunday 25 and Monday 26 only in Galicia, Valencian Valencia and Ceuta. On the rest of the days, she keeps her business hours until Christmas Eve.

What hours will Mercadona be in on December 24 and 31, 2022?

December 24 and 31 always raise doubts among Mercadona’s customers: as it is workdaysthe supermarket is always open, but since it coincides with important events such as Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve dinner, the closing time is always brought forward.

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usually, Mercadona stores close to the public at 9:30 pm.but on December 24 and 25 they close a little earlier: 7:00 p.m. so workers can go home To share the evening with loved ones.

Private recruitment drive

And precisely to be able to serve all its customers during these Christmas dates, the Valencia supermarket is strengthening its staff. This is why it was posted recently 300 vacancies for these datesJobs with salaries Between 1425 and 1929 euros per month, and 712 euros for those part-time. To register you have to do this on your job portal.

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