Mercadona has a new service that will sweeten your Christmas dinner

market series Mercadona I decided to merge from December 21st until the December 28th Serve more than what consumers demand, aiming to be those reduce Time in the kitchen can to have fun more freely on these Christmas festivities days.

For this reason, the Valencian Series has given the go-ahead for a reintroduction Christmas plate orders in your department ‘ready to eat’. This is not the first year that this initiative has been implemented, but yet Good result Which she had in previous years, this time she has combined some newsletter To lighten the consumer’s taste. to me to benefit from The options offered by this service, will only have to the customer Come to any of the 970 Mercadona stores that have this section.

There they will be able to choose between a large number of elaborate disheswhich must be taken home for surprises Delightful family and visitors, without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Also , price and the Quality They go hand in hand very well.


Among the variety of options to choose from, one can positively highlight the Tray of 18 appetizersPerfect as a starter. From salmon and dill to cheese and figs, these appetizers also stand out Stilton cheese crunchy mango, russian salad, Mexican picadillo And honey, truffle jam, cured cheese, quince and Walnuts Roast beef and foie gras waffle, caramelized apple and spun egg only 15 euros.

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For consumers who prefer chicken, an alternative exists 40 euros. it is delicious Boneless Chicken with a filling of leeks, truffles and foie gras, peachspices, brandy and fresh bacon. Appetizers consist of french fries with candied onions. All you have to do is cut it and put it in the oven at 180 degrees for 15 minutes to enjoy its flavour.

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Mercadona too Braised cheeks In red wine sauce with french fries. Easy alternative fast And an aperitif you can choose 15 euros And it only takes five minutes to heat it up in the microwave.

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